2018 Advanced Personal Tax Update - Knowledge Desk Journal

By Evelyn Jacks, Walter Harder, Alan Rowell

This 300-plus-page Knowledge Desk Journal describes tax changes line-by-line presented during the CE Summits: 2018 Advanced Personal Tax Update. It is referred to by many as “The Tax Practitioners’ Bible.” Now you can have it at home or your office and use it throughout the tax season. Some of the topics include:

  • Line-by-Line Tax Update: What’s New in Personal Taxation?
  • Focus on Income and Deductions for Individuals
  • Focus on Personal Residence Dispositions
  • Focus on Income Layering and Tax Reduction for Pre-retirees and Retirees
  • Detailed Overview:  Reporting Income from Property and Investments
  • Special Focus:  Rental Properties and Unincorporated Businesses – Forms T776 and T2125

The January Advanced Personal Tax Update provides a detailed refresher for professionals and their teams in the tax and financial services who will be preparing T1 returns in 2018.  It covers the new rules and forms for the 2018 filing season in detail, including how to maximize relationships with CRA and file audit-proof returns.

Profiles covered include families, singles, employees, retirees, investors (including new dividend taxation rules), real estate owners (including personal residence reporting) , and unincorporated small business owners (current, capital and restricted expenses are covered in depth including the new rules on CEC transitions).


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