Essential Tax Facts

By Evelyn Jacks

Secrets and Strategies for Take-Charge People

Is it time to take charge of the results you get with your money? Are you tired of being let down, paying fees that are too high and worrying about losing your savings? Do you want to keep more of your money? Make more for the future?

Then you need to recharge with some Essential Tax Facts! Canada’s most trusted tax author, Evelyn Jacks, is your guide to tax savvy decision-making at every age.

Make no mistake: tax efficiency is your #1 weapon in taking control of your time and money. Whether you are rebuilding your portfolio or simply wishing to avoid the wealth eroders that will make you poorer in the future, Essential Tax Facts is your must-have guide to self-reliance.

Essential Tax Facts addresses the special life events that trigger important money moments, with hundreds of meaningful and impactful tax savvy tips you will easily understand, so you can build and grow your wealth, significantly, over time. This includes: saving for your education, moving out, buying your first home, managing pension and other investments, getting married, having children, divorce, illness, new job, terminations, self-employment, inheritances and so on.

Tax is a trigger for low income and affluent families. While many people seek credible, trusted, and expert solutions from others, they are often left feeling disappointed or dis-empowered.

This is your money, and your bright financial future is just around the corner. If you want to create more income and savings, you’ll want to know the secrets and strategies professionals know, so you can build sustainable wealth that meets needs and wants in the future. That’s why Essential Tax Facts is your companion guide to tax savvy decision-making.

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