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Canadians & The IRS Image

Canadians & The IRS

By Angela Preteau

Did you know that the number of days you spend in the U.S. each year can deem you to be a U.S. resident for tax purposes? This would mean that you would be subject to all the U.S. tax laws and reporting regimes. If you are not careful, you could technically be in the United States as an “illegal alien.” You could even be a United States citizen and not realize it, and that has tax consequences.

More and more Canadians are traveling to the United States on vacation, investing in U.S. securities, purchasing U.S. real estate, and even marrying U.S. citizens, and the majority of them are doing so without realizing there can be some potential tax consequences to their actions. Don’t get caught – get the tax facts.

Defusing the Family Business Time Bomb Image

Defusing the Family Business Time Bomb

By Jenifer Bartman , Evelyn Jacks

Available January 2019

Most of us either know someone who runs a business or owns one. Perhaps you are a business owner yourself. More than ever in recent history,the family business is under siege from a diverse set of risks: demographic changes, technological disruption, political change and complex new tax rules that threaten the family’s investment and the transition of the business to the next generation. Will it survive and thrive? The answer lies in the family’s ability to build a company that is scalable and has value beyond the owner’s lifetime while focusing on the health of family relationships along the way.Find out more in this ground-breaking book from business educators Jenifer Bartman and Evelyn Jacks.

Empower Your Presence Image

Empower Your Presence

By Catherine Bell

"Presence" has always held a certain mystique that is empowering and attractive – it can improve relationships, transform situations, and influence success.

Whether starting out in your career, asking for venture capital, meeting potential clients, or advancing into a new social environment – including retirement – you will want to stride forward with confidence and ease.  EMPOWER YOUR PRESENCE is about developing that distinctive quality that can create opportunities and propel you to new heights. 

This is a must-read book for ALL generations – Gen Y (18 to 33), Gen X (34-48) and Boomers (49+) – who want to invest in their best attributes, passions, and skills and market their unique promise of value as an important part of their ongoing personal success.

Financial Fotographs Image

Financial Fotographs

By Kevin Gebert

“I wish my parents had talked to me about money.” If this resonates with you, you are not alone. Millions of families have a difficult time embracing financial conversations so crucial to the ongoing health of family income and capital. This is especially true in times of transition: changes in health, career or retirement.

If you are raising a young family and challenged with how to teach principles for healthy money management, this book’s for you! But if you are in your mid-thirties and wondering how to broach the subject of your role in the financial future of your ailing parents, you’ll love this read, too.

Financial Recovery in a Fragile World Image

Financial Recovery in a Fragile World

By Robert Ironside , Al Emid

184 Pages
A Beginner's Guide to Investing in a New World Economy

It's going to Take Insight and Wisdom.

If you need some, pick up this book!

Need a New Investment Strategy? Want to avoid another hit to your portfolio? Need to hold your financial advisors to task? Take an investor's guide to the new world economy, written by three of Canada's leading authorities in tax efficient wealth management.

Findependence Day Image

Findependence Day

By Jonathan Chevreau

One Couple's Turbulent Journey to Financial Independence.

Findependence Day chronicles a young debt-ridden couple’s long journey to financial independence. After being humiliated about their credit card debts on a national TV show, Jamie Morelli vows his personal Financial Independence Day will be the day he turns 50. His wife Sheena is slow to buy into the “guerrilla frugality” stance needed to save and invest. Jamie ignores her wish to buy real estate and jumps into the stock market just before it crashes. He goes for the big score when his hobby web site attracts interest from venture capitalists and a major Internet portal. After he is betrayed by a business partner, his world falls apart, threatening his dream of early financial independence.

MASTER Your Investment in the Family Business Image

MASTER Your Investment in the Family Business

By Larry Frostiak , Jenifer Bartman

200 Pages
Family business owners typically have most of their net worth tied up in their business. Finding solutions to properly structure the business to allow it to flourish while allowing owners and their families to plan for their future can be difficult, especially if there is little time to explore strategies. This book will outline the options available to the family to ensure they know how to protect one of their most valuable assets.

MASTER Your Real Wealth Image

MASTER Your Real Wealth

By Erika Penner

150 Pages
Do You Fear You Will Outlive Your Savings? Do You Want Better Results from Your Investments? Then Now’s The Right Time to Master Your Real Wealth!

To achieve peace of mind, today’s investor needs to make sharp decisions about scarce financial resources. This book will help bring understanding and process to building and managing your savings, so that you can focus on accumulating real wealth for the future.

Master Your Retirement Image

Master Your Retirement

By Douglas V. Nelson

Worried about your financial future? You don’t have to be. If you want to have the most income today so you can do all the things you most want to do, have confidence and security knowing that you will never run out of money, and comfort in knowing that your portfolio won’t disappear due to normal market fluctuations, you need to read this book.

“My brother and I both have copies of Master Your Retirement. We both think it is one of the best retirement books available in Canada – and wanted to thank you very much for writing it!”
– Jeff Gifford, ON

The One Financial Habit That Could Change Your Life Image

The One Financial Habit That Could Change Your Life

By Robert Ironside , Edwin Au Yeung

Pages 125
Get some Retail Therapy and save your financial life!

The concept is simple: Learn how to save a portion of every pay cheque regularly, consistently, and with discipline, and then invest the money wisely and you will become wealthy. In fact, you will retire richer than you ever dreamed possible and you’ll achieve peace of mind.

Over the last 50 years, society has evolved from valuing frugality and thrift to consumerism and debt to feed the addiction of instant gratification. In some cases, debt overload has caused
stress and even bankruptcy.

The Smart, Savvy Young Consumer Image

The Smart, Savvy Young Consumer

By Pat Foran

216 Pages
This is about YOU. It's about launching your financial life with the knowledge and skills to make responsible decisions. Be hotter than ever with your savvy knowledge about yourself, your feelings about money and how to leave an acceptable environmental footprint with your purchasing power! You too can be a change agent!

What I Have Learned So Far Image

What I Have Learned So Far

By Paul K. Bates Paul Bates, Al Emid

The world has weathered through the most significant financial crisis in history.  Everywhere there is fallout—lost investments, lost careers, lost homes, broken marriages and significant relationships.  Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

WHAT I HAVE LEARNED SO FAR . . . explores solutions to crisis from the perspective of 50 people who have been there, done that and lived to succeed through brutal experiences.