Financial Fotographs


“I wish my parents had talked to me about money.” If this resonates with you, you are not alone. Millions of families have a difficult time embracing financial conversations so crucial to the ongoing health of family income and capital. This is especially true in times of transition: changes in health, career or retirement.

If you are raising a young family and challenged with how to teach principles for healthy money management, this book’s for you! But if you are in your mid-thirties and wondering how to broach the subject of your role in the financial future of your ailing parents, you’ll love this read, too.

Stories and pictures are an important part of any conversation and bring family values into focus. Financial Fotographs will help you tell financial stories, learn from lessons of the past and paint a brighter picture of the future from a financial planning perspective.

It will help you share conversations you wish your parents had with you about money. It will empower your family to have a healthy attitude about the financial aspects of life and provide new insights, knowledge, skills. Everyone in the family can benefit from experience, and find out how to make more responsible decisions about money.

Many great financial books teach from a textbook perspective; but you rarely read real life stories illustrating important financial concepts. This uniquely practical book of short financial stories will help your family:

  • Appreciate the experience and wisdom of others, especially parents and grandparents.
  • Broach taboo financial subjects – like wills and powers of attorney – that are painful for some.
  • Get the inside story: how to use a financial plan that is unique to your situation.
  • Understand how to make sound financial choices that follow your plan.
  • Discover how to control wants and manage needs to protect your desired lifestyle.
  • Understand how to control debt, so you can use it to achieve financial goals in life.

Financial Fotographs is a must read book for those looking to better prepare their children for the confusing world of finance, from a financial advisor who specializes in helping families plan their financial futures. Give a special gift to your children: pass along better financial values and empower them to thrive!


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Table of Contents

Part 1:
Discussions around the table: Forming Family Values
Part 2:
Discussions around the table: Forming Financial Knowledge
Part 3:
Discussions around the table: Forming Financial Planning Processes
Part 4:
Preparing for life's financial events
Part 5:
Using resources to grow
Part 6:
The importance of valuing both time and money
Part 7:
Sacrifices : Building harmonious family legacies
Part 8:
Taking Conversations forward