Financial Recovery in a Fragile World

By Robert Ironside, Al Emid

A Beginner's Guide to Investing in a New World Economy

It's going to Take Insight and Wisdom.

If you need some, pick up this book!

Need a New Investment Strategy? Want to avoid another hit to your portfolio? Need to hold your financial advisors to task? Take an investor's guide to the new world economy, written by three of Canada's leading authorities in tax efficient wealth management.

The Danger in China: Fraught with Uber-expectations?

India & Inflation: Coping with Financial Fallout from The Next Great Baby Boom Generation

The Middle East Equation: Political Volatility + Global Oil Producer = Good News For Canada?

US Devastation: Massive Debt, Dollar Devaluation, Is The Worst Yet To Come?

Japan: A bug in search of a windshield?

Eurozone: Is the End of the Euro near?

Canada: Strong, Free, Stable, But Complacent?

Learn to build investment strategies with the following insights in mind:

  • Governments: How To Deal With Debt Too Large For Generations To Pay Off, and which is expanding faster than the growth rate in GNP,
  • Investors: How To Preserve, Protect and Grow Wealth after the Financial Tsunami
  • Families: How to Protect, Get Out Of Debt, Spot Opportunities, Maintain Dignity for the Vulnerable
  • Individuals: It's going to take a Village: Recovery is about Behaviour Change: Drop The Baggage Of Old Expectations, Embrace New Reality, Work towards smooth sailing. . .or face the doom of bankruptcy for generations to come.
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Table of Contents

Part One:
How Fragile is our FInancial World?
Part Two:
The Tools to Make it Happen
Part Three:
Real Wealth Management
Part Four:
Our Fragile World