Jacks on Tax

By Evelyn Jacks

Millions of people are Netfiling—using tax software and the click of a mouse to file their tax returns. It’s seductively simple but are “do-it-yourselfers” leaving money on the table because they don’t know their tax filing rights?

This year, save both time and money by understanding your own return and take better control of your family’s financial affairs, too, with Canada's most trusted, best-selling tax author, Evelyn Jacks. This best-selling tax guide has been updated to the new tax filing rules.


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“Evelyn Jacks makes a compelling case for doing your taxes with tax software and electronic filing. Key benefits include speed, accuracy, peace of mind and a faster refund.” 
Jonathan Chevreau, Editor, MoneySense Magazine.

“You may be a do-it-yourselfer but you are not alone with Jacks in your corner.  Jacks helps ensure my money works as hard for me as I’m out there working for it. You have to pay taxes, just not more than your fair share.
Patricia Lovett-Reid, Sr. Financial Commentator, CTV News Channel.

Jacks on Tax will guide you in doing your return, line-by-line. But it will also help you have a better relationship with your financial advisors and a tax pro—if you decide you need help. After all, filing an audit-proof return is important and if you need peace of mind in knowing you have filed correctly, knowledge is power. Jacks on Tax is a book for every Canadian tax filer because its premise is simple: a more informed taxpayer, working in collaboration with the professional community, will get more out of the tax system now and in the future. Here’s why:

  • Do-it-yourselfers: Today there is a 50% chance you'll be using software and filing electronically, so you’ll need to know what your software is doing, or waiting for you to do, behind the scenes.
  • Still Paper-filing? You may want to switch to the convenience of online filing. What do you need to know?
  • Tax Pros: Do you run into folks who tried it themselves but need your help to get through a tax audit? Wouldn’t it be great to offer this book and your helping hand in collaboration when needed?

Twenty-seven million Canadians file tax returns. This is an essential life skill and the most important financial document of the year for most.

Keep Jacks on Tax on your shelf throughout the year.


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