Managing the Bull

By David Christianson

Detect and Deflect the Crap: A No-nonsense Guide to Personal Finance

This fast-paced, entertaining book is a must read for consumers. As well, it is one of the best books that advisors can give their clients, in order to help them be better clients.

George Hartman, in Investment Executive, says this is a book that all advisors, “… would like most of your clients to read.” It will “… provide your clients with sufficient information and a language that will allow you to move more quickly and elegantly beyond the basics into the more esoteric aspects of helping your clients manage their personal financial affairs.”

This book will make your clients into better clients - more informed, focused and proactive. To quote George Hartman again, “This book will not detract from your value as an advisor in any way. In fact, it will add to it because with the preliminary understanding of these topics in place, you will be free to focus on the higher-level aspects of financial advice and the nuances of your clients’ individual circumstances.”

That’s the opinion of an independent third party. You should hear what the author says!

The book is inspiring, impactful and, in places, truly funny. Consumers need—more than ever—a proven path to follow. This book clears away the speed bumps to help financial advisors from all professions develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their clients. It helps make clients better consumers of the advice and service you provide.


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Table of Contents

Part 1:
Ignore the Bull: Plan Your Own Path to Financial Independence
Part 2:
Riding the Bull: Making Money Work for You
Part 3:
Tightening the Reins: Earning and Spending Wisely
Part 4:
Growing Your Herd: Insider Tips on Investing
Part 5:
Working the Bull: Reducing Your Tax Burden
Part 6:
Protecting the Bull: Tackling Risk Management
Part 7:
Enjoying the Ride: Putting Your Plans Together