MASTER Your Investment in the Family Business

By Larry Frostiak, Jenifer Bartman

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is a book for anyone who wants to understand investment solutions available for family business owners – and planning for a prosperous future. Specifically it will be of interest to family business owners currently facing succession issues, individuals who have recently taken leadership of their family businesses and advisors to family businesses.

APPROACH: Family businesses face unique opportunities and challenges. While family members often have common goals and values, founders typically have most of their net worth tied up in their business. That's a problem when a business life cycle is limited to the founder's life cycle, unless heirs or future suitors understand how to maximize the original investment. Finding solutions require an understanding of how to work with financial advisors to properly structure both the owner's equity and the business itself to allow both to flourish. As important is to plan to efficiently manage the family's financial legacy. This book will outline the options available to ensure the family members know how to protect one of their most valuable assets by structuring and building a market-driven business.

WHY IS THIS CONTENT ESPECIALLY TIMELY OR TOPICAL? Only a small percentage of family businesses transition successfully from one generation to the next. Now, with baby boomers heading into retirement, discussions around the transition of their business to other family members, employees or outside parties are becoming more frequent. To master the significant investment in a family business—and make the right decisions for its future—it is important to explore issues that successful family business owners don't have the time or expertise to deal with. This book provides the a practical guide to properly structure the investment in the family business to prepare for transition—from start-up to actual sale or transfer.

KEY BENEFITS FOR AUDIENCE? You will learn what key decisions are required to separate the business lifecycle from that of the owner/manager, creating the opportunity to maximize your relationship with professional advisors as well as your investment in the business. This will increase the likelihood of a long and prosperous future for both the business and the family, and the heirs to both legacies. Specifically you will learn:

  • How to determine if your entrepreneurial spirit can enhance a business opportunity
  • Best practices for planning family business management over the longer term
  • How to properly utilize tax advantaged structures at the outset to maximize your investment in the family business
  • How to defer taxes as long as possible and at transition
  • How to structure share ownership to protect family members through various life cycles.
  • How to transfer money from your business to yourself tax efficiently, while using tax-efficient income splitting opportunities with the family
  • How to fund the owner's retirement income
  • How to realize on the equity invested in the business
  • How to reduce risk.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Lifestyle vs. Market Driven Businesses
Chapter 2:
Family Involvement: Share Ownership and the Lifetime Capital Gains Deduction
Chapter 3:
Family Involvement: Planning for Participants and By-Standers
Chapter 4:
Performance Management: Setting Expectations for Working Family Members
Chapter 5:
Perks and Benefits: Engaging Family Members, Tax Efficiently
Chapter 6:
Tax Efficient Bonusing: Maximizing the Small Business Deduction
Chapter 7:
Incorporating Non-Family Members
Chapter 8:
The Estate Freeze: When is it Time?
Chapter 9:
Planning for Crisis Situations: Illness, Family Strife and Breakups
Chapter 10:
Planning for the Founder's Tax Efficient Retreat
Chapter 11:
When the Business Leaves the Family
Chapter 12:
Moving Forward: Stewardship and Philanthropy