Master Your Retirement

By Douglas V. Nelson

Don’t just “do” retirement.
Instead, “Master Your Retirement”!

Worried about your financial future? You don’t have to be. If you want to have the most income today so you can do all the things you most want to do, have confidence and security knowing that you will never run out of money, and comfort in knowing that your portfolio won’t disappear due to normal market fluctuations, you need to read this book.

This is vital information to anyone saving for retirement today and those already enjoying their retirement years. There are three major problems with most “retirement planning” approaches today:

  • The most important objectives of the retirees are undefined.
  • The most significant costs in retirement are ignored.
  • Financial decisions are limited by the investment products used to achieve goals, and this is often directly dependent on the license held by the advisor.

You really have only one chance to get it right. This book is about achieving real results:

  • Consistent, reliable income in retirement to plan your affairs with confidence.
  • Lower taxes and fees so that risk can be reduced and capital can be preserved.
  • A low risk portfolio for peace of mind and predictability.

Drawing the right amount of income from each source, at the right time, is critical to your long term financial security and for minimizing risk and tax. Your goal is to end up with the most tax efficient retirement outcome, with purchasing power when you need it. Discuss all of your options with your professional advisors by understanding:

  • The killers of income and wealth.
  • The retirement rules.
  • How to effectively navigate the phases of retirement.
  • How to master the retirement process.
  • Practical strategies for growing, preserving and transitioning family income and wealth.



“My brother and I both have copies of Master Your Retirement. We both think it is one of the best retirement books available in Canada – and wanted to thank you very much for writing it!! ”
– Jeff Gifford, ON

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