The One Financial Habit That Could Change Your Life

By Robert Ironside, Edwin Au Yeung

Get some Retail Therapy and save your financial life!

The concept is simple: Learn how to save a portion of every pay cheque regularly, consistently, and with discipline, and then invest the money wisely and you will become wealthy. In fact, you will retire richer than you ever dreamed possible and you’ll achieve peace of mind.

Over the last 50 years, society has evolved from valuing frugality and thrift to consumerism and debt to feed the addiction of instant gratification. In some cases, debt overload has caused
stress and even bankruptcy.

Everybody wants it all and they want it all now. Young adults are led to believe that they can buy all the toys they desire simply by borrowing from their future income stream. This is a recipe for potential financial disaster!

There is an alternative. It is simple and it works. Authors Ironside and Au Yeung show you the way.

Learn how to avoid increased debt, increased stress and real unhappiness. Learn the one financial habit that could change your life.


Robert Ironside is one of Canada's best known financial educators. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate finance courses at several Canadian Universities, winning a number of teaching awards in the process. Robert has taught professional development courses for the Institute of Canadian Bankers since 1989 and he is a faculty member of The Knowledge Bureau. In addition, he has worked with banks, governments and professional organizations in approximately 20 countries around the world.

Edwin Au Yeung is a Chartered Accountant living in Burnaby, British Columbia. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Sauder School of Business and a Master of Professional Accounting degree from the Edwards School of Business. He earned his CA while working at a Big Four accounting firm in Vancouver and has worked in the financial services industry in London, England. Edwin has a passion for investing and personal finance and has also worked as a consultant for an investment management company.

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