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Applications for the Distinguished Young Advisors Award are now being accepted. The award is open to young advisors actively engaged in the financial services, 5 years in industry and under the age of 40.  A completed application form, CV and written synopsis of their achievements under 8 key criteria may be submitted to Distinguished Young Advisors Award before June 1, 2018.

“Knowledge Bureau is pleased to recognize outstanding potential through the Distinguished Young Advisors Award together with Manulife, Title Sponsor. We firmly believe that today’s outstanding young advisors are tomorrow’s great leaders.  We are pleased to provide an opportunity to recognize their accomplishments, celebrate their aspirations, and foster leadership development opportunities.  This Award champions our industry’s young leaders and contributes to the building of a nationwide strategy for the success of young advisors and their firms,” said Evelyn Jacks, President, Knowledge Bureau.

“Manulife believes in the value of advice,” said Catherine Milum, Head of Wealth Sales, Retail Markets, Manulife. “That’s why we support organizations such as Knowledge Bureau and their Distinguished Advisor Conference, which provide a forum for advisors to increase their knowledge base, deepen their understanding of industry best practices and provide Canadians with sound financial advice. It's also why we sponsor the DISTINGUISHED YOUNG ADVISORS AWARD, to encourage the next generation of advisors to pursue excellence in the field."

About the Distinguished Young Advisors Award

The award recognizes outstanding young advisors who have excelled in the following eight areas:

  1. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS:  outstanding service satisfaction in managing family wealth
  2. REFERRABILITY:  demonstrated excellence in exceeding expectations in providing services
  3. INDUSTRY COLLABORATION:  a commitment to an inter-advisory approach to services
  4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  excellence in breadth of professional development activities
  5. COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP:  participation in leadership at work and/or in the community
  6. BUSINESS LEADERSHIP:  demonstrated skills in working with a team to grow the practice  
  7. INNOVATION: “out of the box” thinking in practice management and client base development.
  8. BUSINESS GROWTH AND RETENTION:  demonstrated business growth and retention rates


About our sponsors


Manulife builds on 125 years of Manulife's wealth and investment management expertise in managing assets for Canadian investors.  Manulife Investments offers a variety of innovative solutions to fit any stage of life, including segregated fund contracts, mutual funds, annuities and guaranteed interest contracts.

Knowledge Bureau™ Knowledge Bureau™ is Canada’s leading national post-secondary educational institute for continuing professional development in the tax and financial services. It is focused on providing the knowledge, skills and confidence practitioners need to navigate the rapidly changing tax and economic environment their clients face in building sustainable wealth. Its network of graduates in certificate courses, diploma and designation programs spans to thousands across Canada.