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Distinguished Advisor Conference

November 11-14, 2018, Quebec City

Registrations to DAC are accepted - see application form for early bird registration savings.  Please call 1-866-953-4769 for assistance.
Take a more strategic look at the new issues that shape tax and economic policy in Canada and what they mean for wealth management professionals and their clients.


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THE CHANGING FACE OF COMMUNITY - Collaboration with Impact

WHAT IS DAC? The DAC is Canada’s pre-eminent educational event for the top wealth advisors in the tax and financial services.

WHY THIS THEME? As an industry and as individuals lucky enough to live in Canada, it’s a great time to work “above our privilege” - that is, to set higher goals, improve services and to give back more in mentorship and engagement to a new client base with vastly different demands of their tax and financial advisors.

THE CHALLENGE? To strive for higher standards of care, a strategic look at the new issues that shape demographic needs, and the resulting tax and economic policies in Canada is critical, in order to interpret what that means for clients in the tax and financial services.

WHO ARE THE SPEAKERS? Experts and visionaries from all sides of the industry including noted senior leaders and serious up-and-comers, will help you change your mindset, refresh your vision, rework your mission and then execute on it!

WHO ATTENDS? Join approximately 200 delegates from across Canada for a rich educational experience and an outstanding time networking with other like-minded advisors who quickly become new friends and colleagues. One quarter come from the tax accounting profession; the rest are investment, insurance and wealth planning specialists. This mix guarantees lively collaboration and engaged learning by the multiple stakeholders who participate in stewarding family wealth.

MAKE A GREAT DECISION: Join the Who’s Who: come to experience education differently at a higher standard.



What's in it for you?  Our past attendees say it best!

"Thanks to all of Knowledge Bureau for putting such a great event in Kelowna. Being that it was my first time, I did not know what to expect going in. DAC completely exceeded whatever expectations I did have and I know I am a better adviser and person now for attending. The knowledge and value I got out of it is priceless and something that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I also made some great connections with some of my fellow attendees of whom I have followed up with and hope to keep the relationships going forward. My CEO was happy to hear I got great value out of it, and I am hoping he sends me again next year. "
- Aaron Robertson, CFP, Alitis Investment Counsel, British Columbia

"Amazing speakers. Excellent value. Different content compared to other conferences. What I liked best? The quality and diversity of speakers. "
- Brett Watson, RBC, Manitoba

"Great content with timely info on each topic. What I liked best:  Dr. Michael Graham and his great insights of the world economy."
- Marilyn Kennedy, Ontario

"Topics covered are current, relevant and potentially game changing. "
- Michelle Crouse, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Nova Scotia

"DAC conference delivered as promised with speakers on new tax matters, embracing technology and having fun with colleagues."
- Ellie Jenner, IG, Alberta

"What I liked best?  The variety of backgrounds and topics, extraordinary content.  DAC provides a wealth of knowledge, opportunity to connect with a diverse group of inspiring people and a program that is progressive, meaningful and fun!"
- Maureen Carse, British Columbia

"Congratulations on a program well executed and delivered.  See you in Quebec 2018!  Enjoyed the diverse knowledge delivered by the experts in the field."
- Kamla Lambert, Manitoba

"I feel I have just raised the bar after this conference – thank you so much!  I have created my “own” mission statement and vision."
- Chenine Humphrey, British Columbia

"Very deep and thoughtful thinking about the future of the wealth management industry."
- W. Simpson, Toronto, ON

"All around best conference for education and improvement. It will truly accelerate all elements of your business."
- K. Hemmett, Winnipeg, MB

"Great networking, always learn something I can take back; made me re-think what I am doing."
- D. Allard, Kelowna, BC

"Excellent selection of speakers and topics."
- S. Merten, St. Catharines, ON

"Great content, fabulous speakers."
- M. Crouse, Bridgewater, NS

"I like the focus on how our clients can gain if we do the right job and there is no reason we should not do the right job."
- M. Caldwell, Kingston, ON

"Great format, great locations, great content... and perhaps most importantly great people. Year after year the DAC conference continues to be one of the highlights on our calendar. Bravo!"
- Todd Hynes, Vice-President Sales, ivari

"How wonderful to listen to these young millennials – intelligent and articulate. What a promising future we have if this is an example of our leaders of tomorrow."
- Phyllis Mikolajek, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™, MFA-Business Services Specialist™

"I (go to DAC) all the time because it is very professionally managed and I learn so many ideas."
– Margaret D. Hodgson, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™