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Evelyn Jacks is Canada’s most respected educator in tax and financial literacy and one of Canada’s most prolific financial authors.  She has penned 53 books for consumers on tax and wealth management, many of them best-sellers, including her most recent, Essential Tax Facts, How to Make the Right Tax Moves and Be Audit-Proof, Too  and Family Tax Essentials, How to Build a Wealth Purpose with a Tax Strategy.  She has twice been named one of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada.

Our “Distinguished Advisor Programs” include comprehensive online courses, the Distinguished Advisor Workshops and the Distinguished Advisor Conference.  But it’s our friendly, highly qualified team of educational consultants and expert instructors that will make the difference:  helping you make the best educational decisions for your time and money.

  Daniel Collison examines the three critical roles of today's World-Class Practitioner – The Tactical Technician, The Strategic Manager, and The Enduring Visionary in his book, The Financial Advisor's Guide to Excellence to show financial advisors how to turn every aspect of technical planning, business management, and marketing and prospecting, into well-orchestrated, easy to implement, step-by-step processes.  In taking this quantum leap, the financial advisor makes a critical decision:  can I grow a business that has market value?   If prepare to answer yes, the process-driven World-Class advisor turns a significant corner towards maximum impact in both the lives of the clients they serve, and that of their circle of family and business relationships.

Jenifer Bartman, CPA, CA, CMC is the Founder & Principal of Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services, providing advisory and contract executive services to companies in the early, financing, growth, and transition stages of development. Service areas include business and succession planning, growth strategies, financing readiness, executive coaching, and performance improvement.  Jenifer is well known for her venture capital and early stage financing expertise, having been an executive in the industry and an advisor to many young companies.



Philippe Richer is committed to ensuring and enhancing the long-held tradition of excellence and service Teffaine Labossiere Richer has always provided for its clients. Philippe received his law degree from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law (Robson Hall). He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (Manitoba Division) and the Chambre de commerce francophone de St-Boniface (CCFSB).

Philippe’s career in law began later in life. After high school, he joined the Armed Forces where he served 8 years. Then, following his service, he worked in sales for twelve years. It wasn’t until his own marriage came to an end and he experienced a divorce, that he felt compelled to be a positive part of the legal industry; someone more approachable, accessible and affordable.

  Joanne Sigurdson is the author of a certificate course in the Knowledge Bureau’s Executive Business Builder Program, entitled Leadership, Culture and Continuity.   The purpose of this course is to help the student, a leader or aspiring leader, better understand how to develop and grow their leadership skills, build the culture that is required to achieve their vision and business goals, and ensure continuity of their organization by developing an effective team around them. Students are engaged in learning what is required to ensure the continuous improvement and continuity of their organizational structure and working relationships to position for on-going growth, stability, and equity development in the enterprise.