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We have asked our students about Knowledge Bureau unique value proposition. Here are some answers we received:

  • “It’s very important to keep updated with all the federal, provincial changes – best education programs I have seen over 10 years.  Very knowledgeable and friendly environment.”  Olga G., BC
  • “Evelyn Jacks is a great public speaker.”  Sherrill S., BC
  • “Entertaining and understandable – was amazing as usual. Great learning and networking experience.”  Joanne T., Yukon
  • “Very extensive knowledge of the Canadian economy and clear explanation of topics discussed.”  Kirsten J., BC
  • Most beneficial and informal seminar I've been to.” C. Losing, BC
  • “Always a pleasure learning from the best.” G. Marion, BC
  • “Yes, I  would recommend this program. . .very in-depth information (unlike many competitors).”  L. Bourgeois, AB
  • “Excellent resource, great to hear all those special tips and advice.” N. Griffin, ON
  • “Applicable, valuable and immediate opportunity to add value for clients. ” L. Campbell, MB
  • "I have recommended to my colleagues...This is more cutting edge and offers me better knowledge opportunities." Brad C, AB
  • “Very informative.  Picked up some good ideas; all topics were good. . .will attend again.  Most valuable business idea:  learn to control your business.” K. Davis, AB
  • “Best business idea:  Have your clients come in after tax season to review their situation and come up with better long term strategies.” C. Lee, AB
  • “The wealth of knowledge is impressive.” H. Janda, ON
  • "We close the office so everyone can attend - it provides tremendous value to our clients" Brenda A, AB