CE Credits
Knowledge Bureau - 3.5 CE/CPD Credits - Non-Verifiable
Knowledge Bureau - 6.5 CE/CPD Credits - Verifiable

Year End Planning: For Investors and Small Businesses

Evelyn Jacks
MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
FOUNDER & PRESIDENT, Knowledge Bureau
Evelyn is one of Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence, author of 52 consumer books, many of them best-sellers, and numerous Knowledge Bureau T1 Courses in the DFA-Tax and Bookkeeping Services™ Specialist programs, the MFA™ Designation Programs. She has founded the Distinguished Advisor Conference and Workshops and champions financial literacy for Canadians, having been a member of the Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy.  She is a well-known commentator for media outlets throughout Canada.

Larry Frostiak
Knowledge Bureau
Faculty Member

FOUNDING PARTNER, Frostiak & Leslie Chartered Accountants Inc.
Larry is a founding partner of Frostiak & Leslie Chartered Accountants Inc. The firm focuses primarily on successful privately owned and family controlled businesses and high net worth individuals. Larry provides tax and business advisory services, including trust and estate planning in the overall global wealth management concept.

Marcia Elaschuk
Knowledge Bureau
Faculty Member

OWNER, TRT Accounting
Marcia has 20+years in the accounting and bookkeeping industry and has held several controller positions in both the private and public sector. She is the owner of TRT Accounting in Calgary as well as the Manager of Programming for the Bookkeeping Services Specialist Designation with Knowledge Bureau.