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Post Budget Action Strategies for Tax and Financial Advisors

Evelyn Jacks
MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
FOUNDER & PRESIDENT, Knowledge Bureau
Evelyn is Canada’s most respected educator in tax and financial literacy and one of Canada’s most prolific financial authors.  She has penned 53 books for consumers on tax and wealth management, many of them best-sellers, including her most recent, New Essential Tax Facts, How to Make the Right Tax Moves and Be Audit-Proof, Too  and Family Tax Essentials, How to Build a Wealth Purpose with a Tax Strategy.  She has twice been named one of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada.
Dean T. Smith
Dean Smith, PHD, CFP, TEP, CPA, CA is a partner with Cadesky and Associates LLP and the President of Cadesky U.S. Tax Ltd.  Cadesky is a boutique accounting firm which provides only taxation services. Dean has been involved with expatriate tax work for over 23 years assisting companies moving employees around the world.  Clients also include private individuals who have multiple jurisdictional filings.  Dean is also an instructor and writer with Knowledge Bureau.
C. Russell Vert
CPA (Maryland)
CPA (Ontario)
Russell is a Senior U.S. Tax Manager with Cadesky U.S. Tax Ltd. Cadesky is a boutique accounting firm which provides only taxation services. Russell specializes in personal tax issues for U.S. citizens resident in Canada, and especially families owning shares of non-US corporations. He also works with Canadian residents who are departing Canada and with Canadian and U.S. non-residents owning real estate.

Russell is an American by birth and a Canadian by choice. He has lived in Canada since 2004 and enjoys counseling those who, like him, have a life on both sides of the border.

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