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Post Budget Action Strategies for Tax and Financial Advisors

Learn how to better interpret and implement the effects of the 2019 budget reforms with your clients. Then, better understand what role the US tax reforms play in wealth management and investment decisions you will make with your Canadian resident clients including U.S. citizens living here. Finally, join us in a lively, inter-active discussion about being more proactive, professional and confident in your relationship with CRA.

Don’t miss the Spring CE Summit workshops, visiting Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto in May and June of 2019. You will also think about:

    Thought leadership: new issues and trends especially related to the gender-based concerns discussed throughout the budget
    Best practices: managing client risk in light of aggressive tax auditing
    Advisor round tables that share stories about what your colleague are experiencing in compliance and client relationship management.

These workshops provide outstanding reference and research materials to embellish on your learning experience:  the Knowledge Journal—your essential guide for full year planning for the 2018 income tax season; pre-reading in the outstanding EverGreen Explanatory Notes and last but not least, the opportunity to ask questions of knowledge experts and instructors for experiential insights. You will meet peers from both the tax and financial services to review and discuss comprehensive case studies to provide opportunities for in-class collaboration and out-of-class cross referrals.

Take advantage of discounted rates for early-bird registration until May 15, 2019.

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