CE Credits
Knowledge Bureau - 3.5 CE/CPD Credits - Non-Verifiable
Knowledge Bureau - 6.5 CE/CPD Credits - Verifiable

2017 Advanced Personal Tax Update

Evelyn Jacks
MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
FOUNDER & PRESIDENT, Knowledge Bureau
Evelyn is one of Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence, author of 52 consumer books, many of them best-sellers, and numerous Knowledge Bureau T1 Courses in the DFA-Tax and Bookkeeping Services™ Specialist programs, the MFA™ Designation Programs. She has founded the Distinguished Advisor Conference and Workshops and champions financial literacy for Canadians, having been a member of the Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy.  She is a well-known commentator for media outlets throughout Canada.
Walter Harder
BSc., DFA – Tax Services Specialist™
Walter Harder has achieved his Master Instructor Certification with Knowledge Bureau, he is a content contributor to Knowledge Bureau Report and President of Walter Harder & Associates, he is specializing in tax research, and business building tool development.  Walter provides tax web tools development for The Knowledge Bureau and is the co-author of several of Knowledge Bureau’s certificate courses:  The Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Personal Tax Courses as well as the Tax Preparation for Proprietorships and Death of a Taxpayer Course.  He also manages the Virtual Campus at Knowledge Bureau.
Alan Rowell
MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
Alan Rowell has achieved his Master Instructor Certification with Knowledge Bureau as a double designate who has gone on to eight further steps to mastery: analysis & writing for Knowledge Bureau Report, online course beta testing, student support, updating, teaching, participating in content development and lecturing at marquis events at the Distinguished Advisor Workshops and Conference and for corporate clients of Knowledge Bureau, and mentoring of new instructors and relationships with influencers in the industry.  Alan brings over 40 years of practical business experience in the tax and financial services industries; is recognized as one of Canada’s leading tax services specialists, and featured in several national media interviews.