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Lincoln Hall reached the summit of Mount Everest on a Thursday and was descending with his Russian-led expedition when he reportedly became delirious, a sign of fluid on the brain, and could not be moved. His wife and teenage sons had been told he had died. Hall spent the night alone at an elevation of 8,700 metres, before other climbers including Calgarian Andrew Brash found him the next morning.

Brash was only 200 metres from the summit when he decided to abandon his climb and help the Australian. The rescue of the Australian mountaineer followed a well-publicized and controversial death of another Everest climber, David Sharp of England, who died on the mountain of apparent oxygen deprivation. It was reported that more than 40 fellow mountaineers opted to not assist him despite his situation.

A true inspiration to millions for his simple act of human compassion and moral courage, Andrew Brash’s story is about making decisions that matter. . .he gave up his big goal. . .for an even bigger one—the opportunity of being the best person he could be.

Andrew offers the spectacular experience of approaching a big dream and the perspective on what it means to give it all up when something more important suddenly appears and must be dealt with. His personal experience with Mount Everest was truly a triumphant defeat. He is an inspiration for all of us, who face the consequences of decisions that really matter every day, in our life’s work and with our friends and family.


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I am a Canadian teaching in Singapore. I proudly related this story to the Australian teachers on staff. One was moved to tears. She feels Andrew Brash will be made a hero in Australia for this act of altruism. Well done Mr. Brash

Grant Walker Singpore, Sinapore (Quotes from CBC News, May 2006)

Andrew Brash, I deeply respect your decision to help a fallen climber rather than push for the peak. And if, as so many other people are saying, your actions epitomize Canadian ethics, bless you and bless Canada for instilling such good, human ethics in its citizens. One more reason for many of us in the U.S. to feel a great deal of respect for Canada and Canadians. Canadians SHOULD be proud of Andrew Brash!

Chris Herb Durango, Colorado