Evelyn Jacks

Focus: Tax and Wealth Management

President, Knowledge Bureau

Evelyn is Canada’s most respected educator in tax and financial literacy and one of Canada’s most prolific financial authors.  She has penned 52 best-selling books on tax preparation and tax efficient family wealth management. She was recently named one of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada for the second time.

Evelyn is also the Founder and President of Knowledge Bureau, Canada’s leading national post-secondary educational institute for continuing professional development in the tax and financial services.

Knowledge Bureau is the publisher of certificate courses leading to the prestigious MFA™ (Master Financial Advisor) designation, which provides core specialization opportunities in tax, retirement, business succession and estate planning for multi-disciplinary practices.

Evelyn has been influential in advising governments on tax and financial literacy policies.  She was appointed by former Finance Minister Flaherty to the Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy, and by the Premier of Manitoba to the Lower Tax Commission, to advise on the direction of the provincial tax regime.  Recently she has co-founded the Manitoba Financial Literacy Forum in partnership with the Manitoba Securities Commission, dedicated to increase financial literacy in that province.

She is also a well-known national commentator, keynote speaker and budget analyst who has written thousands of articles, most recently in MoneySense Magazine, the Toronto Star and for the Toronto Stock Exchange.  She appears regularly on CBC Newsworld, CTV News, BNN and regional television and radio outlets. She tweets @evelynjacks and blogs at evelynjacks.com.

Evelyn has been a role model for women in business.  She was awarded the prestigious Rotman School of Business Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  She has also been recognized internationally with a Business Leadership Award by the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and named an Inspiring Woman by the Winnipeg Free Press.  She has twice been recognized as Manitoba’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.  She has also received the YM-YWCA "Business Woman of the Year" award.

Evelyn is the immediate past President of the Manitoba Club, the province’s oldest private business club.


Evelyn Jacks is a Canadian icon in the tax business. In my mind, the definition of genius is reserved for those who can translate complex subject matter into a language that average people understand. In the world of tax, Evelyn Jacks is a genius.

The title of her latest book says it all. Essential Tax Facts is essential reading for Canadians who are willing to pay their fair share, but no more. Focusing on the facts ma'am… just the facts, this essential book translates tax facts into workable money saving solutions. . .helping you manage your current tax situation, and more importantly, showing you how to plan for future tax savings.

Richard N. Croft, President, Croft Financial Group, co-author, Protect Your Nest Egg

Long before I ever took courses from Knowledge Bureau, I was aware of the work that Evelyn has done in the tax industry. Her expertise in tax is second to none, and my respect for her was extremely high before she began sharing her knowledge through courses at Knowledge Bureau. In my opinion she is a leading tax educator and I continue to learn through her knowledge by taking courses at Knowledge Bureau. Evelyn and her elite team have created up to date courses that even seasoned professionals can be assured will add value to their practice. Evelyn gives back to society by sharing her knowledge with others, which to me there is no greater legacy or reward.

Heather McLeod, MFA, McLeod & Associates

We have used Evelyn Jacks as a presenter on a number of different occasions in the past here at Mackenzie Financial. Her knowledge of available different tax strategies is comprehensive. She is able to deliver either a one hour key note or a full day workshop event and keep the audience interested. I can always count on the Knowledge Bureau to provide speakers who are not only experts in their respective fields but who can deliver their subject matter in a lively and entertaining way.

Sharon Carty, AVP Training & Development, Mackenzie Financial

How to interview clients effectively and ask the right questions.  I always find Evelyn's presentations very interesting and her knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Yvonne D., MB