Walter Harder

Focus: Tax

Walter Harder has achieved his Master Instructor Certification with Knowledge Bureau by participating in a number of required milestones.  The first is the completion of a designation with Knowledge Bureau.  He has worked as a researcher and personal tax content contributor to EverGreen Explanatory Notes and Knowledge Bureau Report and instructor for the Distinguished Advisor Workshops.  

Walter Harder is President of Walter Harder and Associates, specializing in tax research, and business building tool development.  In addition to preparing T1 returns for clients, Walter provides tax web tools development for The Knowledge Bureau and is the co-author of several of Knowledge Bureau’s certificate courses:  The Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Personal Tax Courses as well as the Tax Preparation for Proprietorships and Death of a Taxpayer Course.  He also manages the Virtual Campus at Knowledge Bureau.

Walter is a graduate of the University of British Columbia where he holds an honours degree in Physics. Walter started his career as a high school teacher, but once he discovered the world of income tax, he left high school teaching to join one of Canada's largest income tax firms, H & R Block. In 1995, he joined CANTAX to stabilize its software development.

In his spare time, Walter is an avid gardener with an exceptional green thumb.