Graduates in the News: Ian Wood, MFA, RWM

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Ian Wood, Assistant Vice President, Business Development, at Cardinal Capital Management, Winnipeg, is a graduate of Knowledge Bureau’s Master Financial Advisor (MFA™) and Real Wealth Manager (RWM™) programs. He says that his Knowledge Bureau education has helped him differentiate himself from his competitors, by providing him with a more detailed understanding of tax and financial planning topics. Here’s his story.

New Mortgage Options for the Self-Employed

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Single, self-employed Canadians have struggled with mortgage lending requirements for many years. But that’s all about to get easier starting on October 1, as new guidelines will improve borrowing eligibility of current or aspiring proprietors.

Train for Work in the New Economy: Tax Advice vs Tax Preparation

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What is the difference between a tax preparer or practitioner and a tax specialist? In a word: advice. The tax preparation industry is in the midst of an enormous transformation, and new entrants must educate toward that change. But, why is that and what does that really mean?

Worth the Claim: Disability Tax Credits

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CRA audit activities extended to those who claim Disability Tax Credits (DTCs), especially diabetics and children with autism, has continued to raise the ire of taxpayers. The $1.3 Billion in tax relief has been inconsistently applied and retroactively disallowed. But if you qualify, you could go back and recover that lucrative tax credit – all the way back to 2008.

IFB and Knowledge Bureau Announce Educational Alliance

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The Independent Financial Brokers of Canada (IFB) and Knowledge Bureau are pleased to announce a strategic educational alliance to bring a new academic path to the continuing professional development of over 4000 IFB members.

How to Cope with the Mortgage Stress Test

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“How am I going to qualify for the home I want?” That’s the question on the minds of prospective home buyers as a complex real estate market, and stringent mortgage criteria threatens their ownership dreams. Seeking sound financial advice can help.