Women, Minorities and Canada’s Economic Diversity

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The 2018 federal budget placed significant importance on encouraging diversity in the Canadian workforce – including funding to support women, visible and religious minorities and immigrants, and this deserves kudos, as new opportunities abound. Here are some of the details:

Building a New Leadership Culture

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Leading with integrity is essential for business success, but just how do up-and-coming leaders do so with integrity and accountability on a day-to-day basis in a very busy world? Please join our Executive Business Builders Network to chime in on the issues our Joanne Sigurdson, author of Knowledge Bureau’s Business Leadership, Culture, and Continuity Course, is challenging our LinkedIn discussion group with:

Evelyn Jacks Keynote on 2018 Tax Changes

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It’s time to talk about the 2018 tax changes and how they affect planning before the end of 2018. Knowledge Bureau’s Evelyn Jacks will be a keynote speaker at IFB’s 2018 Winnipeg Regional Event on May 16, 2018 and on the CE Summit tour May 29 to June 16, 2018.

Breaking News for Manitoba: Budget Cuts Personal and Business Taxes

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In introducing a new carbon tax on September 1, 2018, the Manitoba provincial government is planning to return at least some of it back to taxpayers by way of personal and business tax cuts, while it grapples with debt servicing costs that have exceeded a billion dollars for the first time. 

Did You Know the RRSP and OAS Benefit Celebrate Milestones This Month?

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March 13 and 14 are important days in Canadian financial history as both the RRSP and Old Age Security Benefit celebrate their birthdays.

Poll Results: Delays in Refund Processing has a Negative Impact

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CRA started processing refunds later than in the past this year, on February 26.  We asked Knowledge Bureau Report readers what they thought of that, given that refunds would now be delayed into March.  The good news is that the CRA does seem to be abiding by the ten-business-day turnaround promised.