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Accountants Must Get Source Deductions Right

Posted: January 04, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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Payroll must be right and it must be on time for two reasons:  to keep your employees and to keep out of expensive and time-consuming audits from CRA.  That’s way it can be a sound investment for any small business to insist on professional certification in advanced payroll management.

Knowledge Bureau’s recently updated Advanced Payroll course—one of the courses in the Bookkeeping Services Specialist designation—will also allow you to assist your clients to be shrewd in negotiating employment contracts and after-tax benefits of the employees of the firm, which could include family members. Advanced Payroll will help you become a more astute compliance manager to ensure payroll is more than simply accurate.

This course takes the student further in working with any business equally focused on tax compliance and tax-efficient compensation; teaching completion of a full payroll cycle, TD1/T1213 form completion, accounting for statutory and non-statutory deductions, taxable and non-taxable perks and benefits, and T4 slip preparation.

New updates to the course include access to excellent reference materials from CRA and EverGreen Explanatory Notes, access to the latest versions of Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop software programs, and up-to-date information on recent changes to legislation, rates used in payroll calculations, and changes to CRA forms.

The student will be able to produce a payroll run for any payroll period, for a payroll of any level of complexity, and understand and calculate all employer remittances for deductions taken at source--all while fully understanding the consequences of non-compliance. This professional certificate course from Knowledge Bureau will also help students to stand out from the crowd and become a valuable asset for any organization.


Students will learn about compliance requirements federally and under provincial Employment Standards Codes in their area of operation; understand how to account for a variety of compensation plans, including hourly wages, salary, commissions, piecework, bonuses, retroactive payments, and vacation pay; how to account for differences in pay structure for workplaces governed by a union; and much more.

For more information about Knowledge Bureau’s recently updated Advanced Payroll course, click here.

What Our Students Say:

“I feel like I can confidently provide payroll services to clients.” Ashley R., BC

“I like that the material covered different aspects of payroll from The Payroll Cycle to Year-End Reporting. I also like EverGreen as a research tool in all the courses, as it gives in-depth knowledge at your fingertips.” Alan P., ON

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