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We live in a busy world. and our priorities are in wrong order . The access to information is so easy just “google “and we think we will get the answer. If we are sick we want to see a doctor but we do not ask them how much he charges, but he doesn’t work for fee. We have to stop expecting that we will get everything for free in life .

By Margaret Kania on August 29, 2018

Edge Benefits has many valuable courses detailing the importance of having access to Lawyers (wills), Accountants, and Pension specialists to make a team. It is hard for us sole Advisors to sell or provide 100% of all the information for the current sophisticated clients. Yes agreed they do not want to pay for the advice. We must sell services and not advice. Services are not free. Example I am going to the Optometrist and expect to pay for the service if he was providing advice I would not want to pay him. Advisors must market differently ad our advice (services) only pays us if the client purchases the products. Therefore clients expect not to pay for advice. As Advisors we need to start charging for advice even if a product is not purchased.

By PATRIZIA CAPPELLI on August 29, 2018

More and more clients are getting themselves into financial trouble with Tax Authorities and come running for help and expect you to get them out of their mess.  At the same time they hope you charge them very little for the service since they are being penalized with high tax penalty fees that they already can’t afford to pay.

By S. Merten on August 23, 2018

More and more individuals think if you are at the store and they run into you they can discuss their business affairs thinking they can get professional advise and not have to pay for it. When you ask them to make an appointment they come back with - i don’t have time - Money is a very big issue with individuals - if their money is not making money they don’t want to send it. Getting professional advise is very worth while and in the end is very productive - but so many individuals to not see that.

By Gloria DeRudder on August 22, 2018

Yes. They expect more. However the challenge is; they don’t want to pay for it. they think the fees for tax preparation covers all the extras.

By dilip on August 15, 2018

The two expectations that stand out are:  client:  Please look into a reverse mortgage, and is this a good fit for me?  Client 2: I was handed their retirement package and asked to review it & if it made sense, and select the best package for them.  Both were not my field of expertise, but more and more questions are asked, more forms and applications are brought to the table for assistance!

By Ann Laurin on August 15, 2018

Clients seeking professional advise and having a mindful conversation about their financial affairs is more important when ever. Clients expect us to know and they expect us to act in the most professional way. In my opinion this is the key to a successful business these days.

By Frank on August 15, 2018