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Are consumers expecting more specialized knowledge and advice in their relationships with tax and financial advisors?


Yes. They expect more. However the challenge is; they don’t want to pay for it. they think the fees for tax preparation covers all the extras.

By dilip on August 15, 2018

The two expectations that stand out are:  client:  Please look into a reverse mortgage, and is this a good fit for me?  Client 2: I was handed their retirement package and asked to review it & if it made sense, and select the best package for them.  Both were not my field of expertise, but more and more questions are asked, more forms and applications are brought to the table for assistance!

By Ann Laurin on August 15, 2018

Clients seeking professional advise and having a mindful conversation about their financial affairs is more important when ever. Clients expect us to know and they expect us to act in the most professional way. In my opinion this is the key to a successful business these days.

By Frank on August 15, 2018