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Calendar of Educational Events 2018-2019

Posted: May 08, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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MAY 2018 – Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau, and special guest experts will discuss tax-efficient planning for investors, retirees, cottage owners and private corporations at CE Summits held in four cities. Enrol by May 15. Or, begin convenient new online programs to improve your credentials. Great tuition savings for those who enroll online by June 15, or call us toll free for help: 1-866-953-4768.


Knowledge Bureau Spring CE Summits. National Canadian tax experts Evelyn Jacks, Dean Smith and Russell Vert discuss recent personal, corporate and U.S. tax reforms. The early registration deadline is May 15. Earn 10 CE Credits.


Register now for Spring CE Summits:

  • May 29 in Winnipeg
  • May 30 in Calgary
  • May 31 in Vancouver
  • June 6 in Toronto


Mark your calendar for outstanding educational events this fall, too:

Knowledge Bureau Fall CE Summits. National Canadian tax experts Evelyn Jacks, Larry Frostiak, and Business Succession Planning expert Jenifer Bartman discuss year-end tax planning for individuals and private corporations. The early registration deadline is October 15. Earn 10 CE Credits.

Register now for Fall CE Summits

  • November 2 in Winnipeg
  • November 5 in Vancouver
  • November 6 in Calgary
  • November 7 in Toronto

November 10-11 Knowledge Bureau’s Executive Business Builder Retreat. In a peaceful setting conducive to personal growth and professional development, this exclusive retreat is for aspiring business leaders and new entrepreneurs focused on how to scale a business in the new economy. Check us out at

November 11-14 – 15th Annual Distinguished Advisor Conference (Quebec City)
Take a more strategic look at the new issues that shape tax and economic policy in Canada and what they mean for wealth management professionals and their clients. Earn up to 15 CE/CPD Credits. Register now to take advantage of early-bird tuition prices!


Knowledge Bureau Winter CE Summits - Advanced Personal Tax Update with national Canadian tax expert Evelyn Jacks, and special guest experts from across Canada. The early registration deadline is January 10. Earn 10 CE Credits.

Register now for Winter CE Summits:

  • January 17 in Winnipeg
  • January 21 in Toronto
  • January 22 in Ottawa
  • January 23 in Calgary
  • January 24 in Edmonton
  • January 25 in Vancouver




Our Mission is to Raise Standards in Continuing Professional Development in Tax and Financial Services

Knowledge Bureau™ is Canada’s leading national post-secondary educational institute for continuing professional development in the tax and financial services. It is focused on providing the knowledge, skills and confidence financial practitioners need to specialize in providing tax-efficient investment, retirement, business and estate planning services. Its network of graduates in certificate courses, diploma and designation programs spans to thousands across Canada. For more information see

Established in 2003, Knowledge Bureau™ has been offering specific financial industry designations leading to specialization in various services provided by financial professionals. These designations are not specifically related to creation of a formal financial plan but, rather, focus on building the deep knowledge and broad skillsets required by the Real Wealth Manager™ of tomorrow. They are designed to supplement industry licensing requirements and financial planning designations.

Our Unique Value Proposition to Our Students: We provide an academic path to continuing professional development to enable tax and financial services professionals to provide invaluable, specialized advice, and to seize opportunities for leadership in their community. We are the home of the RWM™ (The Real Wealth Manager) program; the MFA™ (Master Financial Advisor) designation, which signifies specialization in business, retirement, succession and estate planning; as well as the DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ and DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist™ designations for professionals in the tax accounting services. All programs are available 24/7 and curriculum can be customized for specific firm requirements.

Knowledge Bureau also offers CE Summits, held in major centres across Canada. These day-long workshops offer ongoing CE/CPD opportunities, taught by industry leaders in a “blended learning” framework: you can meet your online course instructors and industry experts, ask questions and network with your peers to supplement your online training.

For more experienced members of your team, Knowledge Bureau provides the opportunity to think strategically about wealth management trends, leadership and mentorship at an annual international event, the Distinguished Advisor Conference™, which takes advisors from across Canada to a variety of locations, including places their clients go to retire.

Finally, the Executive Business Builder Program built to help business owner-managers acquire the skills to advance the growth of their business equity with strategic business skills.

We also partner with national corporate clients and academic institutions, custom-designing CE modules, webinars, and keynotes to meet specific organizational goals in financial education.

For more information on CE Accreditation, Standards of Conduct and programming, contact Knowledge Bureau at 1-866-953-4769 and explore



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