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Do you agree with Finance Canada’s proposal to allow a charitable donation credit for gifts to non-profit journalism organizations in 2019?


Non profit journalism organisations deserve public financial support provided that they are not fronts for political groups.

By Olivia Ojukwu on December 09, 2018

Charitable donation credits should not be allowed for an organization that is not a registered charity!  Definitely not a journalism organization - non-profit or not!  Is our media not biased enough already?  No need to encourage it even further.

By Jodi on December 05, 2018

No. In my view charity is for the relief of poverty, illiteracy and disease. Pretty sure journalists don’t fit that profile.

By Gay McArthur Wise on December 05, 2018

Our government actually spent resources on this !!!  Has the Dept of Finance not received enough ” good reviews ” to suit it ?? After all, with most “journalists” just re writing what comes over the news wire, they need a sympathetic hand out by the Feds !!

I on the other hand, will accept handouts, without Ministerial approval !!! 

Just saying.

Some one help us, if this is all the Feds have to spend their time on.

By Ken on December 05, 2018

No!  Charity should be restricted to people who need help to survive!

By Maria on December 05, 2018

For me, Charity is not journalism! It should be restricted for people that need help to survive!

By Maria on December 05, 2018

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