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Weather the Tax-Reform Storm of Complexity at the New CE Summits

Posted: October 10, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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2018 is destined to be a busy season for Canadian tax preparers and financial advisors who will need to be prepared to assist their clients in addressing the many new tax changes. This year’s CE Summits will help you gain a better understanding of the tax changes that have occurred, and those to come for private business owners and their families, and will allow you to hone the technical skills necessary to effectively address them.

If you are in the tax and financial services industry, it’s essential that you become an expert resource to your high net worth clients on proposed changes to personal and corporate taxation, especially for private business owners and their families.  It’s a great opportunity to earn 10 CE credits before year end too.

Knowledge Bureau’s CE Summits (a new and improved Distinguished Advisor Workshops series featuring a Distinguished Advisor graduate breakfast and an interactive round table with audience participation, to name just a few new details) are designed to guide you through the process, and this year, expanding on your tax education is more important than ever before. This fall we’ll be visiting four Canadian cities, offering cutting edge planning information in these  one-day workshops focused on year-end planning for investors and small businesses.

The skills you acquire will help you close out the 2017 tax year, get you thinking about how to talk to your clients about what will arise next year and to develop strategic approaches to address the changes. Check out the detailed agenda, which also features instruction on Canadian’s number one financial risk:  debt management.

Through our workshops, which are made up of three essential components—pre-reading, an in-session course and an online follow-up course—you’ll learn how to improve your value proposition through astute, tax-efficient planning, and by developing a collaborative approach between tax professionals and financial advisors.

With the apprehension and uncertainty we’re all facing, our CE Summits ensure that you’re not alone in determining how to address the concerns, remain informed, and set your clients up for success. A storm of complexity is upon us—but we can weather it together!

On the Agenda

This fall’s CE Summits will focus on providing you with education and practical skills in the following areas:

  • Tax reform
  • Mutual Funds
  • New Canada Caregiver Amount
  • Changes to family tax credits
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Changes to Voluntary Disclosures Policy
  • Restrictions on income splitting
  • Restrictions on Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption
  • Impact of increasing interest rates
  • Debt solutions
  • Mortgage reduction
  • Managing business debt
  • Managing errors and omissions
  • Personal leadership development
  • Mentorship/guiding staff and employees

Join us in Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto this November by registering today.

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