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In your view is it fair for CRA not to process tax returns before February 26 thereby delaying refunds into March?


100% I’m fine with it. If they are going to accept earlier then they need to shorten the deadline for all T slips to be issued to sooner in the year. T3 and T5s are still coming in at the end of March.

By Heather H on February 21, 2018

I dont cash back returns so HR block is getting an advantage to grab those quick filed returns.

By Michelle on February 15, 2018

No, it is not fair, since the excess tax amount was taken in 2017, and should be returned to the taxpayer as soon as their tax returns are received in 2018 to prove they are entitled to the refund.  The 2017 over payment is already owing to the taxpayer by January 1, 2018.  Just another way CRA can earn a little more interest on your money.

By Martin on February 14, 2018

...Fair? Perhaps not. But I would rather they do that then many of the other things they have in mind!
...Apparently, the Feds believe they can change the tax laws without taking much of the consultations into consideration.

By Sandra Gibbs on February 14, 2018

Both CRA and software companies, and issuers scramble at the turn of the year to report or convert.  I certainly want to accurately prepare and seamlessly file returns for the new year.  From the taxpayers point of view I think the date from which interest is payable on a refund should be set either as of January 1 or February 15.  As a taxpayer who funds the government the payout of additonal interest hurts, but the refund is an overpayment.  I coach my clients who use income tax as forced savings (ususally without success), now I’m going to get serious about the promoting of Form 1213 so the government doesn’t receive the money in the first place.  I’d like to see ‘tax’ paid during a year as ‘on account’ of tax that I may owe at the end of the year and time of filing.  Therefore the overpayment on account should earn interest.  That’s not a change in the income tax act I see coming.

By JoAnne Knapp on February 14, 2018

If people are able to file early expecting the return early, CRA should process the returns as soon as they are received.  CRA will be swamped with last minute returns so they should get the early ones out of the way asap.

By Lorraine Vallee Moczulski on February 14, 2018

I would agree that it is unfair generally. In many cases, the government has had taxpayer’s withholding money for many months and they should not delay in returning it.

However, it makes sense from an administrative viewpoint. As an accountant preparing T1 tax returns, I have seen far too many re-assessments caused by income T-slips either not having been received by the taxpayer on time, or simply having been filed later with CRA. This is especially the case with T3’s and T5 slips.

Also as an accountant, I would rather forgo the advantage of being able to deal with some tax returns in February rather than busier March, in order to avoid unproductive work dealing with clients who are disappointed with having to repay some of their refunds.

By Stephen Welbourn on February 14, 2018

It makes sense to me to wait to process a return, but not all clients agree and it’s just another thing we are left to take the brunt of from clients.  The real issue of CRA being in conversion until February 26th - I was told that a review that was sent in can’t be touched until conversion is complete, meaning a 3 week delay when processing times are already way beyond acceptable.

By Jodi on February 14, 2018

I have long thought the tax filing deadline should be extended to the end of May or even into June as many of my clients receive slips from their investments after the filing deadline.

By Alice Manderson on February 14, 2018

Many people use refund to buy RRSP’s. This options is taken away by the government.

By Eric Dawe on February 14, 2018

Too many people want to file early and then end up coming back two weeks latter with additional information/slips and we have to file amendments.  Busy enough in March and April so we do not need the extra work.

By Brian on February 14, 2018

Ditto to almost all of the preceding comments. If we have to cram all of our Personal T1’s into a much shorter time frame, CRA best not expect a reduction in errors. Not only will we have less time to complete the work, we’ll have more distractions from, and have to make time to pacify, client’s who have come to count on their refunds.

Another area CRA has disappointed is the promised priority line for tax preparers. When will this promise become reality? Getting through to the general information line has become even more difficult lately.

By Sybille Schaufler on February 12, 2018

What is the government doing about corporate returns that are due during the eFile shut down?

By Rachel on February 09, 2018

Many tax preparers are downloading T4’s etc. from CRA’s site.  The deadline for filing these forms on the site is February 28.  The information required to file returns, even if CRA was ready for us to file will not reliably be available until after March 1.  It makes very little sense to rush into preparing taxes with incomplete information.

By MIchele Lee on February 08, 2018

I don’t think it’s a question of fairness.  It’s simply not efficient on their part to be this far behind with both assessments and adjustments.

By Katherine on February 07, 2018

Fair is an interesting choice of words.. as previous comments indicate.. we are waiting months and months for the processing of adjustments.. not from errors but for simple things like DTC already accepted by CRA.. or how about the review of a medical claim that they only read page 1,3,5,7 that was submitted and denied the rest…Will it be nice to get a lot of Corp Work sorted before tax season hits, Yes, BUT… now I have to explain to Pers Tax clients why we cant file yet.. and listen patiently to them explain why they need to file NOW… and then do I get an extra week to prepare tax returns.. nope.. I have to squeeze all My clients in before April 30.. kisses to my family.. will definitely not see them at all until May

By Rachel on February 07, 2018

Absolutely not.  It hurts the people who have the least.

The previous comments regarding delays - I have a client I filed multiple year adjustments for in October 2016 - that’s not a typo - that still has not been processed.  This is for a disability claim that they approved!  What possible rationale can they have for keeping someone waiting 15 months?

By Doris Woodman-McMillan on February 07, 2018

I voted for no.  It’s not fair to hold money from most employees, who already paid their taxes during 2017 and are entitled for refund.  On the other side as a small business owner of accounting firm, I can concentrate on corporate client knowing I still have a bit of time before personal tax season is in full swing.

By Eva Ferianec on February 07, 2018

The CRA Matching Program conversation: “This is Cameron, XXXXX PRA with the Matching Program. I want your client’s T4 slips within 5 days after which he/she will be reassessed immediately”

On the processing of an adjustment: “Well, it will take from 28 weeks to 49 weeks to process this.” So 5 days for them, 49 weeks for us. Good job, Minister of National Revenue.

Since some of our clients 2016 returns are still sitting at CRA “in process,” I would have to say their service is most unsatisfactory and it will be interesting to see how long it takes to process the 2017 returns, once we are able to file them, of course. CRA has turned out to be a complete disaster.

By Mitzi-Lynne Morgan on February 07, 2018

It would be nice if CRA hired people that knew something about taxes and could speak so we could understand them.

By Harry on February 07, 2018

I understand the CRA must shut down for its annual conversion but delaying the efile opening date is just an excuse…they can shut down earlier and still open in early February. Opening Efile right at the start of peak tax season without having any time to address errors in their systems, or preparers to confirm their software is working correctly will make the 2017 tax season a gong show. It is time the issues with the CRA are addressed and resolved

By CJ on February 07, 2018

Taxes are becoming very difficult because of the long delays we are experiences we are having with the processing of adjustments and tax some tax returns that are taking over 6 months to be processed. CRA will be holding refunds on people who have sent in the information months ago that would clear their accounts if CRA would get them processed. It would help if they would at least acknowledge that they have the information to process instead of telling the clients the have no record of it.

By Doug Snyder on February 07, 2018

CRA has way too much power.Adjustments to tax returns are taking way to long.

By paul weeks on February 07, 2018

They haven’t assessed some of our clients for 2016 yet !!! How can you expect them to process 2017 before 2016 is complete?

CRA has become an untouchable kingdom of bloated administrators, who could give a damn for taxpayers rights.

They aspire to be politicians some day, collect a cheque(as long as they are not paid thru the Phoenix pay system : another group of do nothings) for little or no responsibility.

Beginning to sound more and more like Justin !! I digress, ” fair ” is not within the CRA vocabulary, or worth ethic.

By Ken on February 07, 2018

CRA is fast on charging late payment interest for taxes due, so would it not be fair to pay interest to the tax payer for delayed processing?

By Jim F on February 07, 2018