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Get Ready for Tax Season as a DFA- Tax Services Specialistâ„¢

Posted: December 07, 2016 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
Posted in: Strategic Thinking

There is a growing demand for qualified tax specialists in the financial services sector. Knowledge Bureau’s DFA- Tax Services Specialist program™ will allow you to tap into this profitable career path and build your own professional practice. All it takes is six in-depth courses (180 hours) to earn your DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ designation, and you can get started immediately.

To earn the designation, students will complete the following certificate courses:

  1. T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Basic
  2. T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Advanced
  3. T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Proprietorships
  4. Final Returns on Death of a Taxpayer
  5. Cross Border Taxation
  6. T3 Basic Tax Preparation (New)

Knowledge Bureau’s program helps you to become certified in preparing personal and corporate tax returns at a high professional standard, using a case-study approach and professional tax software. Additionally, you can take all courses online in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.


For more information about the DFA –Tax Services Specialist™, click here. For more information about the six certificate courses included in the DFA-Tax Services Specialist program, click here.

What Our Students Say:

“The DFA - Tax Services Specialist stream of courses teach not only the practical application of tax legislation and interpretation, but also what is probably the most advantageous skill set: how to think.” Alan Rowell, President, The Accounting Place

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