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Happy Valentine’s Day: Give Yourself Some Love with the Gift of Education

Posted: February 12, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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What is the future of human work when robos are coming on so strongly?  Studies show that lifelong learning is essential for personal and professional development and in fact, that university students need to be ready to “re-skill” the moment they graduate. This from The Future of Jobs report, published by the World Economic Forum.

It’s an interesting read that notes that 65% of children entering primary school will end up in roles that currently don’t exist. The report also predicts a trend to white-collar disruption it calls “technological unemployment.”  A good overview of the study can be found in “How Technology will Impact Accounting” by Oliver Griffin.

There is lots of evidence in support of ongoing training. According to a 2008 Statistics Canada Report, 36 percent of Canadians have participated in some sort of job related training, and 34% of these individuals focused more on training activities versus traditional, formal education, like the achievement of a post-secondary degree or Master’s program. Training is defined as courses, workshops, or on the job training, conducted either online or offline. These trends show a rise in the number of middle-aged and older adults that are focused on obtaining or furthering their education relating to professional development – critical in skills development at a time when robos will take on more and more tactical work.


For these reasons, real time education and a commitment to continuous professional development is a key skill required of todays tax, accounting and financial professionals.  For these reasons, we invite you to love your CE in 2018!  This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to the gift of education, and achieve your personal and professional goals with Knowledge Bureau. Enroll in two professional online courses of your choice by February 15, 2018 and save $400 when you use promo code “VALENTINESOFFER18”.

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