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Innovate or Die: How “Leadapreneurs” Are Transforming Economies

Posted: November 07, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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In one of the most talked-about and ground-breaking sessions at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference, futurist Jan Bartscht, brought a stark message to the approximately 200 delegates in attendance:  you must innovate or die in a stark business reality: 40 per cent of major companies will not survive the digital disruptions of the next five years.

And it’s not just big companies that will be affected; businesses and professionals everywhere are struggling with disruptive change. In his compelling presentation on day one of the Distinguished Advisor Conference, Jan Bartscht, Co-founder of Leadapreneur, says, “Today we live in an innovate or die reality. This brave new world is driven by the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution. To succeed in the fourth age we must become much more than traditional managers, we need to become “leadapreneurs”, agile digital innovators who rapidly create solutions that grow the business.”

A leadapreneur is a cross between a manager, an entrepreneur and a leader—a new mindset essential to success at the crossroads of change. In fact, every financial and tax professional in attendance was warned that what has always worked in the past will no longer work in the future. What will work going forward, and who will do it, are the key issues you’ll need embrace to understand your clients’ economic future. “The good news,” says Bartscht, “is that anyone can become a leadapreneur by repeating a basic pattern of behaviour, what we call ‘leading agile innovation.’ Mastering the science and art of leading agile innovation is the first step to thriving in today’s disrupted world.”


True innovation provides a substantially better solution to customers, and in the digital age that means offering individualized, affordable and instantly delivered solutions. For advisors, the key emerging challenge is how to scale up for the demanding, new, customized solutions your next generation of clients will expect to their complex, time-consuming problems. Whether they have been forced into early retirement, are enthusiastic entrepreneurs with tax problems, Millennials who have been downsized, investors who are wary of next steps—only one question matters to your clients: can you innovate fast enough to help them revive their financial future?

Adopting the leadapreneur mindset will help you embrace a culture of change in your practice and revitalize your strategic vision for your business. It will help you use disruption to your advantage, to drive agile innovation and lead your circle of influence towards transformative change. Become a leadapreneur and join the ranks of “new rebels,” the “smart-creatives” who will thrive in the future, achieving growth by keeping disruption on their radar.

Jan Bartscht and Jessica Macias, Co-founders of Leadapreneur, are also offering a special workshop at DAC for visionary delegates who are curious about learning more about leaning into change.

It’s never too early to register for DAC 2018 to take advantage of unique learning opportunities to become a leader in your own industry or community.  Sign up now for next year’s DAC, taking place November 11-14, 2018, in Quebec City.

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