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In your opinion, are professional advisors putting themselves at risk in working with non-compliant taxpayers, given the narrowed Voluntary Disclosure Program effective March 1, 2018?


Yes, Professional Advisors at risk in helping taxpayers who are non-compliant the taxpayer fails to be responsibility for the payments. 

The Voluntary Disclosure is not applicable in these cases, when taxpayer is delinquent and not filing yearly taxes. 

As a Professional Bookkeeper and Tax Services, your cannot make a taxpayer compile to the rules, here need bring in a trustee to set money aside for the GST/HST on sales for the business, and required to pay orders.

By Ina on January 17, 2018

Often impossible to detect non compliance as it is sometimes subtly done.
Al aye do a source and application of funds.

By Burns on January 10, 2018

Great to have access to Knowledge bureau, truly gives good insight on situations

By Wanda Tighe on January 10, 2018