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Fake News and Your Opportunity to Build Trust

Posted: November 07, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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Trust. Fake news. Instability.  These small words that carry a big punch because they’re emblematic of a new world order and the shifting sands of change. However, during DAC’s first day of presentations, journalist, politician and business leader Kirk LaPointe spoke about how “invested clients” can actually help you beat the disruption that trust failures provide.

Kirk brings a different vantage point to our speaker roster with his illustrious career in journalism and his political background. Both of these experiences have given him extensive first-hand knowledge about the impact of fake news, how it can be harmful, and why it’s so important to get ahead of it. These lessons translate directly to the advisor experience, as becoming the trusted middle man for invested clients is where you have the opportunity to create increased value and avoid disruption.


But his key message was one of hope: knowledge experts can build trust by guiding their clients away from non-truths and towards meaningful strategies, processes and plans that provide both context and wisdom when fake news happens.  In addition, tax and financial advisors who work together for their clients can provide a “circle” of knowledge that brings the family closer to required outcomes.

With an agenda rich with speakers from a variety of backgrounds, DAC prepares advisors and tax professionals to think outside of the box, and use their own versatility and adaptability to better service their clients and grow their own businesses. As Knowledge Bureau builds the speaker lineup for next year’s event, take advantage of the opportunity to register early for DAC 2018 and learn from other incredible innovators and business leaders.

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