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Do you support the cancellation of education and textbook credits in 2017, leaving only tuition fee credits for students and supporting individuals?


The fact is, this places a further squeeze on students and parents. Doing this without increasing the transfer amount to parents is a double whammy. This is not good for the middle class or the poorer taxpayers. Student Loan debt is growing with no relief in sight.

By Sandra Gibbs on March 29, 2017

Absolutely not!  Education is expensive, and textbooks cost large amounts of money over and above tuition.  The government needs to realize that this amounts to a tax increase on students and those who support them.  Increasing taxes on students means it takes them even longer to pay off their student loans and start building for the future.  Government should be increasing tax breaks for students, not removing them.

By Sarah Moss on March 29, 2017

Education is absolutely necessary for advancement of our young people. leave the tax credits in and also replace the child fitness credit!

By Bernice Hodgkinson on March 24, 2017

Surprising that the Ministers of Finance & Revenue Agency & their departments could collectively come to this wrong out-of-touch direction. Credits could be clawed back for high taxable income levels. Now we have to suffer through the constant blathering by the opposition which of course will have little effect on this misguided Liberal move. Liberal supporters must tell our MPs to smarten up - again, like with the broken proportional vote promise.

By Denzil FEINBERG on March 23, 2017

This is a really bad decision, and will hurt students and their families.  Most students, even those who transfer credits to a parent or spouse - end up with a decent carry-forward to be applied against future taxes.  So, in the year of graduation, when a student is starting out and trying to become self-supporting, this credit means minimal tax paid that year, and a refund which is most welcome (even if only for paying down student loan debt).  Students have worked hard; they deserve a bit of a break as they head out into the world.

By Jo Ruelle on March 23, 2017

Education is an expensive endeavor these days.  Students, and parents (especially with more than one to put through school) need every break they can get.  Too many students come out of school into a tough job market and with a heavy debt load.  It’s harder to get ahead and start saving when you have to get rid of what’s behind first.  Text books are expensive.  A little help at this stage can make a big difference for the future.

By Martin on March 23, 2017

If the PM stopped using the term “middle class” which does not actually exist and referred to “middle income Canadians”, he would better see that the basic tax credits for education, etc are extremely helpful to that group.  They’ve eliminated the tax credit for public transit now too!  Short-sighted, all of them!

By Anne Musca on March 23, 2017

Students have a hard enough time while going to college and university, why would the Gov. take away some of the costs for books is unfair. I feel sorry for the students going to college and university who are unable to get support from their family, as their family may not have the financial ability to assist their children. Students who are trying to continue their education for a better future are not being treated fairly, in my opinion.

By SUSAN MACKIE on March 23, 2017

How are we supposed to know when the bursaries are tax free without full time education amounts?

By Virginia Hoover on March 23, 2017

What do you expect when the country is run by a pretty face who has never had a real job, never had to work, and has inherited many millions?  This is someone who parties with the Aga Khan on his private Bahamian island and travels there by private jet.  To him, life is a game.

By Edward Collis on March 21, 2017

This is not fair, students and their families supporting them need all the help that they can get.  The Education and Textbook Tax Credits should NOT be taken away, and they should remain transferable to supporting parents.  In fact, I think the $5,000 cap on transfers to parents should be removed, as the parents are often the ones footing the bill.  I think instead they should take away Pension Income Splitting, as most seniors don’t need that anyways and they get too many tax breaks as it is.

By Tim Kalsbeek on March 20, 2017

It is unfortunate that our government is slowly cutting out things as they please. We need to encourage reading and learning. Text book for students or for employees or self education towards knowledge for their business or self improving should be free and or supply discount . We are credited for mileage to create business and text book credit should get the same criteria. It will eventually improve and increase business sales indirectly. We should have a choice to pay for book or pay more taxes.

By Joanne Bedard on March 17, 2017

We are living at a time when technology is eliminating many jobs. Why would we want to make it harder for students to get an education.  I do not support the cancellation of textbook and or tuition fees.

By Adelard Gendron on March 16, 2017

The Cancellation of the Tuition amounts is only going to add to the future debt of Canadians. As it Currently Stands, Students Spend Years going to school to get an education, only to walk away with a degree that in most cases only assists them in getting in the door for an interview. They then need to compete with other inexperienced candidates, and if they are luck, they walk into a job Paying little more than minimum wage. Meanwhile the payments student Loans, Lines of credit and other student debt, only compound the financial crisis that they walk into. Leaving them unable to get a head start in life.
At Least, in the past the Carryover of student credits would alleviate their debt obligations,through properly completed TD1’s they would have a reduced amount of Tax Withheld from their paychecks, making it affordable to reduce their school debt load.
I Guess, that this is not a problem if you grew up as the prime ministers son and did not have to concern your self with student Debt. At Least the 3 new Ministers children will not have to worry about growing student debt

By Stacey on March 16, 2017


By Maria on March 16, 2017

Removing the education amount is an asinine move.  The price of books, travel expenses, room and board…  none of that has disappeared or decreased.  They are hurting the people who can least afford the hit.  Taking away this credit plus the fitness and arts - for a party that says they are all about the middle class, they are not proving it with the policies they are bringing in.  A student that attends school for a 4 year program can come out of school and have no income tax for at least their first year working.  That is a great boost when you are starting to pay back student loans.

By Doris Woodman-McMillan on March 15, 2017

Post-secondary education has become a big business in Canada and thus increasingly more expensive for students. Reducing or eliminating tax credits means fewer people will be able to afford it. We will see universities become an option for the wealthy only.

By Ron S on March 09, 2017

It is bad enough that the deductible tuitions make up only a small part of the fees paid . To disallow the education amount and the text book amount is totally anti education. The text book amount does not even cover the costs of textbooks in most disciplines.
Educational institution have had to resort to a variety of fees, that are not tax deductible, in order to compensate for chronic under from government.
Loosing these deductions will only further make post secondary education an elites occupation.

By Gerald McLaughlin on March 09, 2017

Good Education is very important , Our Government should provide more help to our young students. Education is necessary for a foundation to build a good future.

By Lina on March 08, 2017

Leave as is.  Also, education, medical, etc., are NOT free here.  Paid by taxpayers.  Directly and indirectly. Overt and hidden. .

By Alana B on March 08, 2017

Education costs are going up much faster than inflation.  Summer jobs tend to go up with inflation.  So students need all the help they can get with the growing gap.

By Malcolm Palmer on March 08, 2017

Leave as is.  Also, education, medicine, etc.,  are NOT free here.  It costs the taxpayers, directly and indirectly, overtly and in hidden ways.

By Alana Bush on March 08, 2017

I think it is terrible that our new government has taken these credits away! They should be doing as much as possible to help all Canadians get a good education. We will have more and more uneducated people who would rather live on social assistance than take a low paying job, which will be all they can get. Our country is going to be in trouble as our educated workforce retires, as there will not be enough acceptable replacements!

By Yvonne Davis on March 08, 2017

I simply cannot understand the justification behind removing the education and text book amounts, which were so beneficial to so many who put a priority on receiving higher education.

By Katherine on March 04, 2017

Keep as is.

By Arsene Gareau on March 03, 2017

I do not believe that higher levels of education should be completely free of cost but I do wholeheartedly believe that significant funding should be made available by society to support higher learning in all fields of study including the arts.

By Sandra C. on March 02, 2017

University expenses including tuition, textbooks and travel should be tax deductible and transferable.

By David Shelley on March 02, 2017

As usual take from the little guys and give to the rich.  I am against the removal of that credit as well as the Children’s Fitness and Arts amounts.  We need to promote our children and young adults to be productive in society.  I agree with others that education should be free (as well as no user fees and transportation fees for children).  There are other countries that educate their people without cost.

By Gale on March 01, 2017

Advanced education is absolutely a necessity for a productive workforce.  Everything from quantum physics, advanced medicine to child care, project management and plumbing all require specialized education and training.

If we don’t assist our population to advance their knowledge then we can end up like the USA with large sections of their population not even participating in looking for work especially in the rust belt and coal mining populations. 

A good part of the USA experience is that education for basketball players, football players and other sports participants, who may end up making millions but contribute only distractions to the USA population, is free but not for the people who want to be teachers and professors and researchers.

Hopefully the liberal government will understand this and replace the textbook and education tuition credits at least as high as they were in the past….

By DonP on March 01, 2017

Good education is necessary for the advancement of our country and the world.  We need to provide every kind of support possible.

By Royston Jarvis on March 01, 2017

I believe education should be free for all citizens.  Education is what provides a country’s citizens with the foundation to build a future free from poverty.

By Diane on March 01, 2017