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Not a lot of real change.  The names of some programs may have changed.  More money to Innovation and Skills Plan, more to encourage women to become entrepreneurs or business leaders, more money to indigenous peoples for infrastructure and skills training, and more to close the gender gap.  These are all extensions of what has happened in previous years. Interest rates, GDP, unemployment and oil prices aren’t expected to change much.  Income tax revenues are expected to go up.  Much the same as in the past several years.  Small businesses will be hit harder too.  How does this make the middle class stronger.

It’s fairness, equity and simplicity are about the same as previous years too.  The government is good at finding new taxes to increase revenues.  For example, if you earn income in another country, or even another province, and even if you bring that income into your province to benefit the local economy, the Federal government levies a surtax on it above the regular tax already paid.  That tax does not appear to be removed for 2018.  Is that fair. When incentives are given to only certain groups and not everyone having that same need, it is not equitable.  There is nothing simple about the Canadian tax system and this budget just added some more things to watch out for come tax time.

By Martin on March 01, 2018

There is nothing simple about our tax system and there is nothing in this budget that makes it simpler or gives any degree of certainty that it will improve any time in the near future.  The only “certainty” in this budget is that the debt is growing at an alarming rate and the current 2.75 million dollars an hour that it is costing to service that current debt will only increase with the new and out of control spending in this budget.

By Ken Martinsen on March 01, 2018

When will this idiot PM start realizing the country can’t survive much longer if he keeps cutting the throat of the working public and small to medium sized bussiness. It is getting frustrating.

By Ernie on February 28, 2018

Why does this “Little Rich Boy” government hate small business and entrepreneurs so much?

Starting a business is a huge risk.  Without reasonable rewards, who would take such risks?

Or should we all just get government jobs and produce nothing?

By Ed Collis on February 28, 2018

By not grandfathering existing corporate investment accounts Mr. Morneau has not only lied to the Canadian business community but he’s punishing business owners who have diligently followed the rules for over 40 years.

By Timothy Paziuk on February 28, 2018

It appears to address objectives, however, there are always two sides to everything!

By Gerry on February 28, 2018