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It’s hard to do in this day for young people to save for retirement.
Good habits start early so even a small amount will help.  A qualified tax planner is a good start.

By Cheryl on March 27, 2019

It can be more difficult than saving. All the comments so far are interesting and informative. I am of 2 minds about retirement. If I had grandkids that might tip the scale.

By Cindy Nagassar on March 14, 2019

Great question !  I do believe we Boomers worry about both issues.

By Bonnie on March 13, 2019

Very close to retirement from financial planning world.  More than adequate resources to retire on at this stage, however, there are two major concerns:
1) now that I will have 7 to 9 hours a day with little to do should I take up another career or just become a volunteer in different organizations?
2) my life expectancy, based on parents, grandparents and great grandparents life spans will likely exceed 90 years.  Do we think that medical science will progress far enough in the next 20 years to have found how to combat dementia and alzheimer’s (spell check is not working properly) by then?

From what I have read the greatest problem we have in retirement is the psychological one which leads to the physical problems.  Lack of purpose and social interaction can be devastating for those who are not prepared for it.

By Don on March 11, 2019

Majority of our Canadian baby-boomers are not as well off as the articles and posts make them out to be. I am certainly one of those that will not have much to survive the rapid cost of living. With very little savings and no pension, I can only hope to get welfare support.

By suman on March 06, 2019

In today’s ever changing environments, we all have to think “outside the box”.  Remember the children of today will shape the world of tomorrow and as retirees we have major opportunities ahead of us if we care to embrace.

By Jacquie Johnston on March 06, 2019

I cannot imagine living on a pension of $1100.00 per month

By Tolentine Fialho on March 01, 2019