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New Veterans’ Benefit: Launch Your Financial Sector Career

Posted: April 03, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Writing Staff
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Are you a Canadian army veteran looking for your next career opportunity? The new Veterans' Education and Training Benefit supports your educational pursuits in the tax and financial services.  Knowledge Bureau courses and programs are eligible, and convenient: available online for continuous intake, 24/7. They provide new credentials for skills that are in high demand.

The average age of veterans ready for their next career opportunity is forty-nine. According to Veterans Affairs Canada, after serving, veterans are highly employable. The employment rates are on par with the Canadian average, and four in five return to the workforce. With 16 years left until traditional retirement age, it’s positive that the Canadian government is offering educational funding to help veterans find careers that offer the same “prestige, skills and knowledge, authority, income, and importance” as their military careers, which more than 50 percent admit they’re lacking.

Through the new Veterans’ Education and Training Benefit, veterans who count themselves amongst these statistics, can make a career change with this new government support. Investing in an education that provides entry into the tax and financial services sectors, can provide meaningful work and earning potential that falls above Canada’s average weekly earnings. It can also provide the option for self-employment working in an office or from home.

Officially introduced on April 1, 2018, the Veterans’ Benefit provides Canadians that have been honorably discharged from the military financial assistance to pursue an education that will assist in their career transition. $5,000 in funding is offered to those that specifically choose to pursue continuing education or other career development programs; and Knowledge Bureau’s curriculum is eligible under this provision. Additional details on the benefits available for college and university education, as well as the tax implications are outlined in the article entitled “Good News for Veterans: Veterans' Education and Training Benefit.”

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Ready to start the transition along a new career path? Select a designation program in personal tax, business services, retirement and estate services, or bookkeepping services. Or, try our online certification courses one at t time, for example, the Introduction to Personal Tax Preparation, or T3 BasicTax Preparation. Free trials are available for many Knowledge Bureau courses. For more information about how to claim this benefit when enrolling as a Knowledge Bureau student, contact our educational consultants at 1.866.953.4769 today!



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