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Offer Professional Bookkeeping Services This Year

Posted: January 10, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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If you are in the tax preparation business or work in bookkeeping but want to get a certificate or designation under your belt, now is a good time to dive in and take an online course from Knowledge Bureau.

Every organization that is accountable for tax remittances, including income tax, payroll and GST/HST or PST, must depend on qualified professionals to manage and provide financial data, ensure timely tax compliance, and assist with day-to-day business decisions. These ground-level professionals must be able to expertly analyze day-to-day transactions to record them properly into manual and computerized accounting packages.

Knowledge Bureau’s Basic Bookkeeping for Business course is the perfect start for professionals in the bookkeeping tax and financial services who wish to train their own administrative staff to prepare company books, or train staff to prepare books for others. It is an excellent course for those bookkeepers who may know how to run software, but have not taken a theoretical accounting course.

The student will have a sound working knowledge on how to set up a CRA-compliant bookkeeping system for a small business; how to analyze transactions and report these within the accounting cycle in a double-entry bookkeeping system using accounting software, and then present financial statements to the accountant for tax preparation and review. The student will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the professional and ethical requirements of a bookkeeper.

According to Service Canada, “Job opportunities will arise primarily from the need to replace the many bookkeepers who will retire and those who change jobs and obtain promotions. Other opportunities will result from employment increase. Experience as a bookkeeper gives access to administrative positions with a variety of tasks including accounting or financial duties. Furthermore, this experience combined with relevant training makes the candidate eligible for accounting positions.”


In this course, students will gain the ability to analyze and report transactions requires a knowledge of GAAP; an expert understanding of the accounting equation, T accounts, debits and credits; a basic understanding of the tax structure imposed on businesses; a sound ethical compass; expert organizational skills; the ability to seek out and correct accounting errors and inconsistencies; expert data entry skills; the ability to research unknowns; and a sound understanding of financial statements.

Knowledge Bureau’s Basic Bookkeeping for Business is a component of the Bookkeeping Services Specialist – Distinguished Financial Advisor program.

What our students say:

"Awesome course. I have been doing bookkeeping for 23 years and it was a great refresher course, reminded me of things I had forgotten or steps it took. It's been a long time since I have done manual accounting and it was great to do it again and remember all the steps! " Cynthia K., AB

"I just loved this course! Every single component of this course was EXACTLY what I was looking for: totally specific to bookkeeping, all practical, all Canadian. I also really appreciated the EverGreen Explanatory Notes because of the real-life examples and all the very relevant information directly from the source. I just can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this course. I have never taken a better course than this one. I am passionate about my work and I am really looking forward to my next course. Thank you so much!! " Sandy W., B.C.


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