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People in the News: KB Course Author Jenifer Bartman on CBC Business Panel

Posted: April 03, 2018
Posted in: Strategic Thinking

Knowledge Bureau is thrilled to announce that faculty member Jenifer Bartman, who will be a guest lecturer on the November CE Summit Tour, is appearing as a regular panelist on the CBC News Network Weekend Business Panel.

This program focuses on discussing the latest news and issues that are impacting the business community, providing you, as a business leader, with an impactful news resource that brings you up to speed. The CBC News Network Weekend Business Panel airs every Saturday after the 10:00a.m. news. 

We are so proud of Jenifer for this achievement and the important voice she brings as a business leader. Including with her work as a course author in Knowledge Bureau’s Executive Business Builder Program, Jenifer has authored Knowledge Bureau courses: Advising Family Businesses, Business Valuation for Advisors, Accounting for Business Growth and Transition and Fundamentals of Succession Planning.

According to Jenifer, remaining on top of what’s happening in the world is even more essential for small business owners who make up the majority of employer businesses in Canada (97.9 percent),

“Industry developments, trade, employment, and the Canadian dollar directly impact companies. Tax issues currently impacting small and family businesses are more relevant than ever. Business leaders need to get in the habit, in a small way, every week to follow the broader business and economic community. This allows them to be better prepared in their own companies as they anticipate what’s coming, and understand the things other businesses are facing.” 

The CBC News Network Weekend Business Panel airs every Saturday after the 10:00a.m. news.

For additional educational resources to assist in your development as a business leader, check out Knowledge Bureau’s Level 1 – Building Business Foundations courses in the Executive Business Builder Program, authored by Jenifer. Register for a course in the program and receive an exclusive invitation to this year’s annual Business Builder Retreat, taking place at the Distinguished Advisor Conference in Quebec City, from November 11-14, 2018.



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