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Special Report: Last Minute Tax Tips

Posted: April 23, 2019
Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Current Issue

This week’s Knowledge Bureau Report is dedicated to those often-missed and often-audited discretionary deductions and credits that both professionals and taxpayers will want to ensure they’re maximizing on. This can improve the size of tax refunds and/or reduce family tax bills. 

The objective of these last minute tax tips: to keep the focus on how much money you keep – after tax -  to pay down debt and save more money for your prosperous future. Remember, there are likely many ways to prepare a tax return mathematically correctly; however, the objective is high-quality tax filing for the whole family unit.  

Remember too, that if you missed claiming a lucrative provision, you can request an adjustment to a previously filed tax return – never file another return. Under Canada’s system of self-assessment, the burden of proof is on you, so file audit-proof returns and avoid penalties and interested by paying what you owe on time. Can’t pay? File your return on time and then negotiate a payment schedule with the CRA.

Don't forget, this year's tax filing deadlines are:

April 30 at midnight for individuals.

June 17 at midnight for proprietors.