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Weekly Thought Provoker: Using Robo to Help Your Business

Posted: October 10, 2017
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Robo-advisor technology can be seen as a threat, or an advantage. Adopting a hybrid approach may help your business. Join the conversation on our Executive Business Builders Network and tell us how you feel you can make robo-technology work for you.

The New Executive Business Builders Network helps experience and up-and-coming leaders in the tax and financial services expand their strategic thought on how to grow their businesses and their own leadership skills.

In previous weeks, we have identified robo-advisor technology (Artificial Intelligence) as one of the greatest threats to the financial advice industry. But it can also be an opportunity to enhance our value proposition to clients.  What are the opportunities for your practice?  What are the key threats?  Have you prepared a SWOT analysis to guide your strategic thought?  If not it is likely high time to do so.

The wide availability of robo-advice certainly demands that we focus on the complex and personalized advice we can offer, differentiating ourselves as relationship-driven specialists, in contrast to the more “generalist” services that robo replaces.

Embracing the available technology can also help us evolve our businesses into the future—putting it to work for you rather than seeing it as a threat or competition. We asked our group, “Do you currently use any robo/artificial intelligence applications? If so, how has it helped your business? If not, how can you envision making robo work for you?”

Please join us and share your thoughts!

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