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Weekly Thought Provoker: Can Advisors Add Value Through Holistic Approaches?

Posted: October 03, 2017 VIA: Knowledge Bureua
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The general consensus amongst the advisor community is that there’s opportunity to add value and to combat the threat of the robo-advisor trend and CRM2-related threats by focusing on holistic approaches.

This week on Knowledge Bureau’s Executive Business Builders Network, we asked our community of current and future business innovators what exactly this means to them in their practice, and if they agree that this is an effective way to differentiate themselves from perceived competitors and industry threats.

“Holistic strategies” can mean very different things to different professionals and their businesses; it can be anything from focusing on defined elements of relationship management, putting less emphasis on technical financial planning alone and more on addressing specific latent client needs, or prioritizing the collaboration between a team of professionals.

We’d like to hear what you consider a holistic approach, how these strategies are applied in your financial services business, and if you believe that shifting your focus to these elements will be key in your future success.

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