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Young Generations at Risk: Increased Tax Burdens

Posted: February 05, 2019 By : Beth Graddon
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New data shows that younger generations face a higher tax burden than the generations before them. In addition, they anticipate having to fund a higher proportion of their retirement with personal savings, as few will have pensions or inheritances to fall back on. They will need help from highly trained Real Wealth Managers who understand their fiscal plight and are willing to build long term relationships.

Boomers at Risk: Nudging Young Generations Towards Financial Independence

Posted: December 04, 2018 By : Beth Graddon
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One-third of parents of millennials say that their children are a financial strain that could ultimately take a toll on their own retirement. That’s the ongoing challenge that the boomers face. When it comes to managing their money, this generation needs to nudge their millennials towards financial independence or place their own retirement plans at risk.

The New Philanthropic View: Impactful, Charity-Minded Millennials

Posted: November 20, 2018 By : Beth Graddon
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A recent study shows that millennials care more about others than any other generation in recent history. But, the data also identifies an important gap: 49 percent don’t have a will at all, and only 31 percent have a will that’s up-to-date. Without proper estate planning, their assets may never end up in the hands of the organizations millennials want to invest in to make a difference.

Advisors, Make a Difference with Impact Investing

Posted: September 24, 2018
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86 percent of Millennials* have an interest in socially responsible investing, and the majority say they would be twice as interested in investing in a stock or fund if it has social responsibility objectives. It’s a trend on the rise, and an important way advisors can make an impact with Millennials and other clients aiming to make a difference.

The Secret to Engaging Millennials

Posted: September 03, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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Millennials – rather than boomers - are rocking the retirement planning landscape. But they’re leaving a lot of money on the table because they favour DIY approaches that don’t pay off. This demographic can benefit from professional advice; the challenge is engaging them.

Young Advisor Award: Honouring Our Change-Makers

Posted: August 27, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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Young advisors are the future of an industry that’s rapidly transforming, and Knowledge Bureau will be honoring an up-and-coming change-maker at November’s Distinguished Advisor Conference in Quebec City. Nominations for the Distinguished Young Advisor Award are being accepted until August 31, 2018.