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Weather the Tax-Reform Storm of Complexity at the New CE Summits

Posted: October 10, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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2018 is destined to be a busy season for Canadian tax preparers and financial advisors who will need to be prepared to assist their clients in addressing the many new tax changes. This year’s CE Summits will help you gain a better understanding of the tax changes that have occurred, and those to come for private business owners and their families, and will allow you to hone the technical skills necessary to effectively address them.

People in the News: Cathy Mason

Posted: October 10, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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Cathy Mason, of Calgary, on her experience taking the T1 Professional Tax Preparation – Intermediate course:

Do Your Clients Have Good Debt or Bad Debt?

Posted: October 03, 2017
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Canadian household debt hit a record in the second quarter of this year, at $1.68 of debt for every dollar of income. As interest rates increase and debt levels soar, your clients run the risk of much greater uncertainty about their financial security.

New Canadian Tax Reforms Fail to Address Modern Challenges

Posted: August 29, 2017 By: Evelyn Jacks
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Just how much is too much tax? For whom? In case you missed it, Canada is in the midst of a contentious tax reform that increasingly advocates the defeated reforms of yester-year.

Tax & RRSP Season 2014

Posted: October 15, 2013
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You are going to be busy. Now is the time to update your skills and train your staff before tax season begins. Start earning valuable CE/CPD credits today!