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New Gift Planning Designation for Advisors

Posted: September 24, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Writers
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The Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), Knowledge Bureau and Spire Philanthropy are pleased to announce their collaboration to introduce a new professional designation for the financial services sector. The MFA™ Strategic Philanthropic Services Specialist designation will denote specialized professional credentials to develop plans for individuals and families interested in strategic philanthropy.

Graduates in the News - Connie Zhu, DFA – Bookkeeping Services Specialist™

Posted: September 17, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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"When it comes to education, we are all looking for something different. Knowledge Bureau offers that variety”, states Connie Zhu, of Richmond, BC.

Train for Work in the New Economy: Tax Advice vs Tax Preparation

Posted: September 10, 2018 By: Evelyn Jacks
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What is the difference between a tax preparer or practitioner and a tax specialist? In a word: advice. The tax preparation industry is in the midst of an enormous transformation, and new entrants must educate toward that change. But, why is that and what does that really mean?

IFB and Knowledge Bureau Announce Educational Alliance

Posted: September 03, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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The Independent Financial Brokers of Canada (IFB) and Knowledge Bureau are pleased to announce a strategic educational alliance to bring a new academic path to the continuing professional development of over 4000 IFB members.

Graduates in the News: Lilian da Silva

Posted: September 03, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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Entrepreneur Lilian da Silva of Cambridge, Ontario is a recent graduate of two Knowledge Bureau’s courses, Bookkeeping for Small Business and Advanced Payroll for Small Business. She is so excited about her future, and ready to start her third course for her first diploma. Here’s her story:

The Global Population: Fundamentally Financially Illiterate

Posted: August 27, 2018 By : Knowledge Bureau Staff
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How financially literate is the global population? Not very, according to two important reports, and that’s a big problem. There are significant economic consequences to this knowledge gap that underscore why financial education is essential for everyone.