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On the Brink: Many are $200 Away from Financial Collapse

Posted: January 29, 2019
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Despite the Bank of Canada’s recent interest rate hold and decreasing mortgage rates, many families are on the brink of being unable to pay all of their bills. This, as new carbon taxes are about to emerge in some of the hardest hit provinces. Early tax filing may help. 

A Little Less Grinch: Breaking Interest Rate News

Posted: December 04, 2018
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Will Bank of Canada Interest rate setting impact your holiday euphoria? Bank of Canada’s Steven Poloz announced today that the overnight rate would remain at 1.75%.

Shopping Spoiler Alert: Canadians Aren’t Saving Enough

Posted: December 04, 2018 By : Evelyn Jacks & Beth Graddon
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In the holiday spirit yet? This news might dampen it: on Friday November 30, Statistics Canada released a report on GDP, income and expenditure for the third quarter of 2018. The big news? In 2018, Canadians have had the worst household savings rate on an annual basis since 2005, averaging only 1.4% over the past year. For the third quarter of this year, the household savings rate was a mere 0.8%; the lowest quarterly level since early in 2017.

How Will USMCA Impact Average Canadians?

Posted: October 02, 2018 By : Evelyn Jacks & Beth Graddon
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The new NAFTA deal—now called USMCA—will no doubt make positive contributions to the Canadian economy and investors will appreciate the improvement in market uncertainty. But, there are also some points of concern, including impacts to specific sectors and looming interest rate hikes. Plus, a duty-free limit increase that improves ease of holiday shopping, but could have economic repercussions.

Cash Flow Crunch: Managing the September 15 Tax Instalment

Posted: September 10, 2018 By : Walter Harder & Beth Graddon
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The September 15 instalment deadline is looming. Many dread yet another payment to the CRA; after all, it seems like only yesterday that personal and business taxes due over the spring and summer were paid! Now is the time for tax and financial professionals to contact clients, estimate taxes owing for 2018, and navigate through taxing times if there is a cash flow crunch.

Inflation Hits High Point: Continues Upward Trend to 2.5%

Posted: August 21, 2018 By : Evelyn Jacks & Knowledge Bureau Writers
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Inflation has hit its highest point since February 2012’s 2.6%. It now sits at a lofty 2.5%, and is expected to hold steady until the second half of 2019. Poorly understood, inflation, together with high taxes and rising interest rates, is a great wealth eroder.