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Canadian Debt Solutions Demanded: Personal Debt Hits $2 Trillion

Posted: May 08, 2018 By : Evelyn Jacks and Knowledge Bureau Staff Writers
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Canadian personal debt levels are now at such an alarming level, that most Canadians can’t even comprehend the size of the rising figure: $2 Trillion, as of last week. As part of their best interest duties to clients, financial advisors need to broach this uncomfortable subject, as things could get worse in the near future.

Students Will Owe $30K by Graduation: Debt Management Critical

Posted: September 08, 2017 By : Knowledge Bureau
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Three-quarters (74 per cent) of Canadian post-secondary students believe they will need to supplement their schooling with more training after graduation, despite already spending on average $14,000 each year and expecting to owe $30,000 in debt by the time they complete their current program.