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What Do You Do If You’re Audited by the CRA?

Posted: October 03, 2017 By : John Tucciarone, CPA, CMA
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The Canada Revenue Agency completed nearly 112,000 audits during fiscal 2016-17, according to a government report on recent efforts to crack down on tax cheats. If you or your clients are chosen for an audit, there are a few best practices that can help you through the process.

Nine in 10 Business and Financial Pros Oppose Morneau’s Tax Proposals

Posted: September 01, 2017 By : Tamar Satov
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Accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors and business leaders are joining the chorus of dissent against Ottawa’s proposed tax changes affecting private corporations, warning of dire consequences to the Canadian economy if implemented, a Knowledge Bureau survey finds.

CRA Needs More Help, Recent Audit Report Reveals

Posted: December 03, 2013
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Canada announced in its 2013 federal budget that international tax evasion was at the top of the list of concerns for our nation and that capturing revenue from such sources would help alleviate the tax burdens on other citizens.

Civil & Criminal Tax Law: Keep Admissibility of Evidence in Mind

Posted: November 26, 2013
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Those involved in criminal tax evasion cases are advised to bear civil tax consequences in mind when negotiating plea bargains and making admissions because the Tax Court of Canada (TCC) may admit evidence that may be otherwise inadmissible, if unchallenged in prior criminal proceedings.

Taxman Rules Supreme: “Gifts from God” are Taxable

Posted: September 04, 2013
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The Provincial Court of British Columbia heard an interesting defence to allegations of tax evasion faced by a father and son in Nanaimo, British Columbia recently.