Breaking News for Manitoba: Budget Cuts Personal and Business Taxes

In introducing a new carbon tax on September 1, 2018, the Manitoba provincial government is planning to return at least some of it back to taxpayers by way of personal and business tax cuts, while it grapples with debt servicing costs that have exceeded a billion dollars for the first time. 

Did You Know the RRSP and OAS Benefit Celebrate Milestones This Month?

March 13 and 14 are important days in Canadian financial history as both the RRSP and Old Age Security Benefit celebrate their birthdays.

Poll Results: Delays in Refund Processing has a Negative Impact

CRA started processing refunds later than in the past this year, on February 26.  We asked Knowledge Bureau Report readers what they thought of that, given that refunds would now be delayed into March.  The good news is that the CRA does seem to be abiding by the ten-business-day turnaround promised.

Business Growth & Development: The Important Role of Accountants

Are you a small-business owner thinking about hiring a highly qualified bookkeeper? Or perhaps you are thinking about expanding your own skills and credentials to handle your own financial matters better in house? Getting your business affairs and tax information in order is very important as CRA is clamping down with increased audit activities these days. 

Dr. Michael Graham: Wisdoms from the Street

Guest columnist Dr. Michael Graham, two-time guest lecturer at Knowledge Bureau’s Distinguished Advisor Conference, muses about the economic and political volatility of the day and what Canadian investors can expect as March gathers steam, post-federal budget.  Early registration for this year’s outstanding 15th Anniversary DAC is March 15 – RSVP now.

It’s Your Lucky Day: A Special St. Patrick’s Day Offer Just for You

You don’t have to be Irish to experience some luck this St. Patrick’s Day. Take advantage of our “Luck of the Irish” Special, available now until March 31st 2018.

DAC: The Changing Face of Community–Collaboration with Impact

DAC is Canada’s pre-eminent educational event for the top wealth advisors in the tax and financial services. As an industry and as individuals lucky enough to live in Canada, it’s a great time to work “above our privilege” - that is, to set higher goals, improve services and to give back more in mentorship and engagement to a new client base with vastly different demands of their tax and financial advisors.
Knowledge Bureau Poll Question

Do you believe the February, 2018 Federal Budget achieves the ideals of fairness, equity, simplicity and certainty for our tax system?

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    9 votes
  • No
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