Budget Season 2019: A Provincial Round-Up

It’s 2019 Budget Season and there is lots of news. In Manitoba it was particularly good news on budget day on March 7, following B.C. on February 19. Meanwhile our two northern territories, the Northwest Territories and Yukon announced theirs on February 6 and March 7 respectively. What are the details?  Read on! Then, don’t miss the Knowledge Bureau Special Federal March 19 Budget Report next week.

Charitable Sector Reform: CRA Lifts Suspension on Audits and Restriction on Political Activities

The nature of the charitable sector is changing in Canada. On March 7, 2019, the Minister of National Revenue issued four key recommendations for the administration of new rules relating to the political activities of charities. Some in the sector are rejoicing, but others are wondering about the long term impact of the changes.

Amplify Your Practice: New CE Learning Modules for Advisors

Sun Life and Knowledge Bureau are pleased to unveil Tax in Practice; a series of 10 new CE Modules for advisors who aspire to work with the lucrative small-to-medium business markets. Tax in Practice covers the most recent tax reform changes in order to provide advisors the opportunity to target the unique needs of family business clients by offering high-value advice.

Three Must-Dos to Prepare Savings for Retirement

It’s tax filing season but smart taxpayers will turn this into tax planning season, too. The key question for couples working with tax specialists: how do we maximize our retirement income potential? There are three specific goals to consider.

Tax Tip: Writing Off Your Interest Costs

The difference between good and bad debt often lies in its tax deductibility. Those who leverage their assets as part of their strategic plan to build wealth, will often do so more successfully by earning more income and increasing their net worth. However, should you borrow to invest? Claiming tax deductible interest is often the only consolation for the eroding effect that the costs of debt can have on personal wealth. Here’s what you need to know this tax season:

New Capital Cost Allowance Changes: Do Small Business Owners Benefit?

Knowledge Bureau has released a newly updated certificate course to train advisors on the nuances of filing tax returns for small businesses. The big tax change this tax season is proving to be a bit of a headache: how to handle new capital cost allowance claims under the new Accelerated Investment Incentive. Good news: this new course covers the issue with great examples and case studies.  

Tax Season: A Key Influencer in Reducing Poverty

Great news! New data from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey, released on February 26, shows that poverty levels are on the decline thanks (at least, in part) to federal benefit programs like the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). Unfortunately, there is a fly in the ointment, but tax and financial professionals can help.
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