Tax Tip: A New Tax Credit for Infirm Children

Last week we discussed a new Canada Caregiver’s Credit (CCC) for spouses and eligible dependants who can be claimed as “equivalent to spouse.” But did you know that you can now make a new claim if you are a caregiver of a dependent minor or adult child who is infirm? It’s possible under the revamped Canada Caregiver Credit.

Tax Reforms: An Opportunity to Contribute to Financial Literacy

Some things never change: like their U.S. counterparts, Canadian taxpayers once again find themselves in the midst of tax reforms. The current one has been released in dribs and drabs, strategically in the just before or during holiday periods and with very short consultation periods. Should you be concerned?

The Rising Costs of Elder Care: Tax Relief Helps

According to Statistics Canada, falls by seniors are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations in Canada. CBC reports that the number of Canadian seniors requiring continuing care will rise by 71 percent by 2026, adding more pressure to an over-burdened healthcare sector, and increased financial pressure on family and volunteer caregivers. Planning and proactivity can help at tax time.

Job Opportunity at The Accounting Place: Tax Accountant Needed

The Accounting Place, located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, is looking to fill the position of Tax Accountant, and offering competitive rates. As a Knowledge Bureau Report subscriber, and  member of our extended network, we wanted to bring this opportunity to your attention. Are you looking for a new job in a great industry or do you know someone who is?  Check this out:

Ethics and Leadership: When Social Mores Change

Watching the antics of various leaders in the news these days, it’s clear the challenges of leadership are always on display.  Leadership, ultimately is about followers, and ethical leadership is enduring. Exactly how do great leaders develop their leadership styles, and do the right things in periods of great change and much distraction?

Frenzied Taxpayers; Calm & Professional Responses

It’s not too late: a few spots are left for the January Advanced Tax Update. This  CE Summit is Canada’s best and most comprehensive personal tax update seminar and it comes with significant resources to make tax season easier for you.

Informed Advice: Compelling Reasons to Consult on Business Growth and Transition

Canada has one of the largest projected demographic decreases in the OECD countries.  As the  oldest members of the baby boom generation are now reaching retirement age, Canada has passed a “demographic tipping point,” according to Finance Canada’s December 22, 2017, Update of Long-Term Fiscal Projections. This social sea change brings about a hot new trend in business consulting: accounting for business growth and transition.
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