Tax Tips for Investors — Maximize RRSP Deductions: Check Out Your Notice of Assessment

Well, tax filing season should be over officially for most individuals— and that means it’s already time to think RRSP season! Will you be topping up?

Life Purpose

Inspiration is not the exclusive privilege of poets or artists generally.

Interest Rate Hike and Issue for Small Business

Debt is the number-one financial issue in Canada today, and things are about to get more urgent for mortgage holders and business owners who have significant debt. 

Make Hay While the Sun Shines! Time for Summer School

Time to sign up for summer school with an early registration incentive at Knowledge Bureau. 

People in the News

Dong Wook (Andrew) Choi, DFA-Tax Services Specialist and MFA-Business Services Specialist knows why improving your professional education is so important this summer: 

Taxes on Rich Can be Unfair for Everyone

In answer to the question posed in Knowledge Bureau’s May opinion poll, professional financial advisors from across Canada agreed by an overwhelming majority—78% to 22%—that top marginal tax rates close to, or over, 50% are not fair.

Education on Pre-Retirement Planning is Critical for Millennials

Despite recent reports that Millennials are worried about facing tougher financial times in their retirement, a little information can go a long way for this well-educated generation.
Knowledge Bureau Poll Question

Do you think Canadian provinces should raise the minimum wage to $15?

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